The Kiev told how its “against the rules” shot the Deputy Pashinsky

The victim Vyacheslav Himikus, who was shot on New year’s eve the people’s Deputy Sergey Pashinsky, said that the politician violated the rules of handling weapons, and the bullet accidentally hit in the leg and not the torso. This he said in comments TSN.

He noted that happened to be near the car that blocked the path of people’s Deputy in the woods, but admitted that was “a little drunk”. According to him, he stayed near the bus because the driver asked him to help push a stalled car.

“Stops “Mercedes”, down the window: you freaks, even if the lamp is turned on, what is it? Say: Hey, go to **first, if there are men – let them out and talk. And push. Is this with a gun to stand, lie down! I have in my hand the bottle was – I immediately welled. I’ve seen it in the East of the geese… That’s all”, – said Vyacheslav.

The victim noted that it came to saber rattling before it with MP has faced. Also stressed that while the use of weapons, Pashinsky did not shoot a warning in the air as he said this, and took aim at his chest.

“Happiness that the bottle was in the hands of th***l on the head. Shot here, told the victim, pointing at his chest. – There pants of a powder burn. The distance was 15 cm. I hit him with a bottle – if I hadn’t hit, the bullet would be here (in the chest – ed.)”.

According to him, the wife heard the incident on the telephone, so very quickly arrived on the scene and threatened Pashinsky its a pneumatic gun.

In his opinion, Pashinsky worried that the police think he is the culprit and he is now trying to find the owner of the bus, as a witness to the incident.

“The owner of Busa I have ever seen. I don’t know where he is. Most likely, the guy there began to strain and everything else. Because it came “titanous”, I’m lying – leg to the side – he gave me had a gun!”, – told Himikus.

As reported Sergey Pashinsky, New year’s eve he was attacked by a man in the incident in the forest and stabbed him with a bottle, to which the MP replied with a firearm.