The head of CNN revealed the dependence of the trump

The head of CNN Jeff Zucker in conversation with American radio station NPR said that the US President Donald trump has a dependency on the views of his channel.

“He claims that CNN is impossible to watch, but he says so only because obsessed with watching CNN. We know he spends days and nights watching CNN,” said Zucker, reports

Material radio station dedicated to the relationship of the tramp with the media. In particular, they discussed the incident where the CNN journalists were not allowed at the regular press briefing at the White house. In addition to CNN reporters at the event without explanation did not allow the staff of the newspaper The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Politico.

The journalists of the news agencies Associated Press and weekly Time in solidarity boycotted the briefing.

We will remind, the President of the United States Donald trump regularly accuses some media of allegedly spreading lies and playing up to the Democrats, in particular CNN. “This is the fake news” – that this phrase trump dubbed American TV channel.

One of the most striking examples of the controversial trump communication with the media took place on 11 January. Then U.S. President instead of answering the question said “bye!” and left the stage.