Poklonsky “zamirotochila bust”: social networks made fun of “the little lady”

The former so-called “Prosecutor” of the Crimea, and now an illegitimate member of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Natalia “Nyasha” Poklonskaya recently disappeared from the sight of the media. So she decided to remind myself.

The day before she said that in the Russian-occupied Simferopol “zamirotochila” bust of Nicholas II.

“My employees call from the Crimea, the Prosecutor’s office, taking care of a chapel. You know, this morning, the bust of Nicholas II, the sovereign of our own, which we installed in the square near the chapel, zamirotochila!” she said.

According to her, to bust people with sick children, “to make them.” “It is a miracle that does not explain no scientist, no” added “nyash-myash”.

Statement Poklonskaya has inspired a wave of ridicule on social media:

Poklonskaya mentally ill pic.twitter.com/rB5chtWeUa

— Mikhail Golub (@golub) on March 4, 2017

When Poklonskaya in the Hague come off at the insanity, and then laugh.

— vodka and Meldonium (@treugolny_hui) March 4, 2017

Poklonskaya zamirotochila…

And forgot all about palaces, yachts, vineyards and sneakers.
Putin again beat you!#mnogohodovochka

— The fifth Column (@5th_kolonna) March 4, 2017

There is a version that Poklonski in advance to mow the insane, to avoid the Tribunal in the near future.

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) March 4, 2017

Scientists have long noticed, where is the worst medicine and steal more, there is often streaming myrrh douche.

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) March 4, 2017

The girl in the mausoleum Lenin zamirotochila! pic.twitter.com/P3Cc9szQrS

— enemies over the hill (@Lndcalling) March 4, 2017

They say Poklonskaya zamirotochila bust.
But maybe it’s just the prolactin.

— Leonid Volkov (@leonidvolkov) March 4, 2017

Gabriel bust was made of bronze
Gabriel began to stream myrrh.

— Gavriliada (@Gavriliada) March 4, 2017

say, Peter zamirotochila Board Mannerheim

— enemies over the hill (@Lndcalling) March 4, 2017

Andrei, we have the bust. Perhaps the myrrh-streaming. For horses.

— Sanctions fruit (@Buddy_Judge) March 4, 2017

Poklonsky Nicholas zamirotochila, gundyaeva – Stalin, Volodin – Putin: Russia more saints than honest! pic.twitter.com/EUJ1StmiaN

— AVRELY (@Rouslan5) March 4, 2017

In Moscow sadangel a portrait of Igor Sechin

— RIP news (@riarip) March 4, 2017

Social networks perfect: it turns out the investigation is about corruption, all discuss it, and then have some Poklonskaya zamirotochila bust. Corruption forgotten

— VASILY MAXIMOV (@vasilymaximov) March 4, 2017

Spring. Poklonsky aggravation.

— Baron Munchausen (@BaronM_) March 4, 2017

And there is a video where Poklonsky streaming myrrh bust?

— Artem Deryagin (@DerArto) March 4, 2017

Poklonskaya usually something breccia after another shame on the authorities. And now, with Medvedev switched to her. For this, and it contain.

— Sergei Trubadur (@trubadur33) March 4, 2017

the shield that poklonski is a true symbol of the Crimea, it can be said, the essence of

— neon udln prsds (@azubinski) March 3, 2017

Poklonskaya again streaming myrrh heresy…

— From Lemonade (@pglimonad) March 4, 2017

Wake up, you operatorsa.

— Sanctions fruit (@Buddy_Judge) March 3, 2017

We will remind that on February 21 , GPU caused Poklonskaya on Kiev for the presentation of new suspicions.