New Ukrainian school: introduce 12-year-old, and teachers will receive more than 10 thousand UAH

According to the Ministry of education and science, only 10% of parents and 15% of teachers satisfied with the quality of secondary education. Therefore, Ukraine wants to change the principle of operation of schools: students will not be overloaded with knowledge and teach necessary life skills and to use information in practice. School education will be divided into three levels with examinations after each. Teachers education Ministry promised to increase wages, but to enter the certification.

The school will return the 12-year-old

The first graders who will start school in 2018, will study 12 years. Students promise not to overload lessons: in both primary and high school, not more than eight compulsory subjects. After the fourth grade students will take exams. The education Ministry explained that the evaluation of knowledge for elementary grades need to monitor the quality of education. Also, ninth-graders and dvenadtsatiklassnitsa will pass state exams in form of mcqs. In the Ministry of education called this the transition from school knowledge to school competencies: a New Ukrainian school will focus not on knowledgebut on skills.

“We want to go from school knowledge to school competencies. This does not mean that school competence is the loss of knowledge. New information accumulated with dramatic speed. Children do not go to school for knowledge – for this is the Internet and a lot of resources. Children need to be taught this knowledge to use, how to classify them, how to distinguish good from evil. And how to find the information that you need to solve life situations or professional challenge. Competence include core knowledge, skills and values through which to build relationships to different situations,” explains Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych.

The reform will give schools broad autonomy with the ability to shape educational programs, study plans, to choose techniques. The Ministry of education reserves the quality control and educational standards. Manage the schools will be at the local level. The founders of schools will monitor the educational and financial-economic activities, as well as to appoint heads of schools. While schools are required to disclose all funds received from the budget and from other sources.

In 2018 year, Ukraine will launch a 12-year-old school. Photo:

In Ukraine, a 12-year school was administered under the Minister of education and science Vasily cremean’s 2001-2002. In July 2010, when Minister, Dmytro Tabachnyk, the Parliament returned the 11-year secondary education. Then the Ministry of education has not determined to fill the 12th year of school.

“The previous 12-year-old school was new because the state standard, the essence of education is not changed, added only a year. It did not happen, because there were specific plans for neighboring States not to let the Ukraine beyond the educational space of the CIS. The essence remained the same, and the number of training hours increased. As a result, children are overloaded with seven to nine lessons per day, the efficiency decreased and expenditures increased,” – says the expert of the educational group of the Reanimation package of reforms Svetlana oleksyuk.

The changes will affect schools in the villages – in 2016, began to create supporting schools. This is the largest educational institution in the region with a full material and technical base, starting from the stadium and ending with laboratories equipped classrooms of physics, biology, chemistry, geography and mathematics. These schools children from the neighboring villages ride buses, while the Ministry has limited the time on the way to school – it should be no more than 45 minutes. The rest of the school will turn into branches and lower in the degree: there will be only a primary school. Schools where less than 25 students are learning the state does not Finance.

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10-12-graders will study in the professional lyceums and colleges

High school will operate on the basis of the gymnasium. After ninth grade, students will need to pass the state summative assessment in the form of external evaluation. According to the results of EIT students go to high profile school – grades 10-12 on the basis of lyceums or colleges. During the special education high school students will be able to choose one of two paths: academic in-depth study of specific subjects for admission to College or professional that will ensure the profession and ogranic the opportunity to receive higher education.

“In the academic schools the first year will be transitional. At this stage, the student will be able to change the profile of learning. Students will be able to choose not only objects, but also their level of complexity“, – stated in the concept of Ukrainian new school.

Specialized secondary education professional direction organizes in professional lyceums and colleges. Their graduates will also pass the EIT. Graduates of high schools will be able to go to College, and College graduates to study at the University on an abbreviated program.

According to the Minister of education Lilia Grinevich, due to the increase in schooling will reduce the program of the bachelor. Photo:

It is assumed that high school would be separate from the medium. But can be created uchebno-educational complexes “school-Lyceum” or “elementary school”. To create a new Ukrainian school will be in several stages. Until 2018, the Ministry will introduce new training standards for their discharge. In 2018, the reform starts in elementary school. In 2019-2022 years begin the reform of secondary education from the establishment of a network of reference schools baseline level and change the standards of basic education on competitive basis. Teachers will create new professional standards and introduce certification. The Ministry: the certification is voluntary, and educators that pass, receive a 20% bonus. Certification is needed to determine the aptitude of the teacher.

From 2023 to 2029 will be created the specialized high school of creating a network of schools of the third level. Under it will also create new standards. According to the Minister of education Lilia Grinevich, this will reduce undergraduate program of study in the universities in the year up to three years.
“A new school was not in form dvenadtsataya, and had new content with appropriate teacher training, we introduce it in 2018 – 2019 academic year, then the children will go to the first class. The 12-year study will get 2029-2030-m school year. Children will study from 6 to 18 years, as in Europe. Then they go to high school. Bachelor, who is now four years in many specialities, can be reduced to three years. In sum, to be a bachelor, you need the same time and at the end of the 11-year schools,” – said the Minister.

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Teachers will receive a minimum of 10500 UAH

The draft law “On education” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading October 6, 2016, establishes a minimum teacher salary of three minimum wage, that is 10,500 USD. The teacher who will be certified, will receive a 20% premium. Depending on experience teachers will receive a bonus of 10-30%. For more than three years seniority – 10% raise, 10 years 20% 20 years – 30%.

“Three minimum wage – this should be the basic salary of the teacher. It is the lower middle class. This payment, which can be compared with the income of educators in Europe. Of course, not in absolute terms, but in relative terms. This salary gives the teacher the opportunity to simulatenously and personal growth,” said Liliya Hrynevych in an interview with “the High castle”.

Teachers ‘ salaries will increase gradually. The introduction of the reform stretched to 2029-2030 years in stages: first, change the primary education, then high school and lastly high – class 10-12. According to Lily Grinevich, this allows you to distribute the money gradually. But the Ministry has several options for the pace of reform: start from the reform of primary and secondary schools or start from the start and gradually go to middle and high school.

“We could implement reform faster, but we live in a country where hostilities are taking place and a lot is invested in defenses. If the situation improves, we will be able to accelerate the pace. It is important that the reform had been prepared. This means that there should be a mass testing of teachers, created new training materials and a network of educational institutions”, – says Liliya Hrynevych.

It is worth noting that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman believes that the stretching of the reform till 2029-2030 years – is inappropriate.

“I do not agree with the terms – 2029. This is a very long time. Implementation time should be reduced. These costs in monetary terms over the 13 years will be more than what we invest in education,” he said at the Cabinet meeting in December 2016.

Teachers will be free to choose teaching methods. Photo: a scene from the movie “Very bad teacher”, Columbia Pictures

Svetlana oleksyuk, believes that reform had to be carried out immediately, when there was a new team in the Ministry – in 2014. “Time is lost, and serious. The new composition of the Ministry of education should immediately update standards, establishment of schools and the immediate consensus-building and awareness-raising activities about the need for a new law on education. That’s all you need to do in 2014. Support the Ministry at that time was huge. Today there are planned a lot of work, which is not as fast as we would like, but professional and result-oriented. Time and trust is lost. The situation is complicated, move and see, but I would like to have more education that everyone knew the goals and perspectives of what is happening,” she says.

New Ukrainian school will be more flexible – teachers can choose textbooks, teaching methods, and the quality of education is monitored through the state examination and certification of teachers. Students will not download information that will be forgotten, and to teach in practice. Teachers and students offer to make partners, and the lesson to “flip”, that children are not just passively watching the teacher for 45 minutes a lesson, but also actively took part in it. Make an offer this is through games, experiments, social and research projects.