Values of the XXI century. What will become of the world?

It is a pity that the Democrats can’t hire a foreigner for a decent answer Trump his address to Congress. They could repeat the statement by the former Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair 11 days ago. After all, he delivered a passionate appeal to his country to abandon their version of tranism. Blair noted that it should review Brakcet, which in 2016 resulted in only a slight majority of votes.

This speech is worth reading for the Parallels between Brexia and transom. In fact, in both cases there is a desire to undermine the larger system, which stabilized the world, bringing prosperity, security, rule of law, democracy and openness after the two world wars: European Union, international trade, NAFTA, NATO, the UN and the Treaty on Transatlantic cooperation.

Brickset and tranism advocate the exclusion or limitation of all this for the sake of economic nationalism, which (presumably painlessly) will make Britain and the United States better.

To play with the big systems are dangerous not because they don’t need improvement, because any wrong move in these games (e.g., let’s build a wall or leave the Union) will worsen the situation for many people. Criticism is fine, if you point out the flaws, not forgetting that hundreds of millions have passed through such systems a long way from poverty to prosperity. And not to forget those 70 years of peace achieved after World war II.

Defenders of Breccia and transmi want to return us to the era of nationalism that led to two world wars. Their motto is “destroy, not completes it.” As noted by Blair: an undeniable feature of modern politics is the tendency to revolution.

It is dangerous and stupid. During the Cold war, the world held fear and discipline of the two superpowers. Then in the global system and US hegemony. Now in the postwar period, the US leadership and international communication systems are needed most — due to the fast development of technology, globalization and climate change, weakening of the state.

And if we suddenly decide to undermine the world leadership of the USA and these systems, just putting America at the forefront, thereby prompting each country to put on first place their own national economy — we’ll make the biggest mistake, which is capable of.

This is the main part of the speech Blair. He is unpopular in the UK and this has allowed him to say what I know many British politicians, but not say: Brakcet was a stupid idea based on the old political imagination of a minority of conservatives; it was sold because of false data; as a result, it will make Britain poorer, weaker and more isolated — and Europe is unstable.

“The British pound fell against the Euro by 12%, 20 — against the dollar after the referendum for leaving the EU, he said. Is a requirement of the international financial market. We will become poorer. The price of imported goods in supermarkets increases, and as a result, the price of life”.

How Blair described the support Brassica the current Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may, has sounded the same as the leaders of the Republican party now support the idea of trump, those who during the presidential campaign condemned. “Nine months ago, Blair said about Mae — she told us that leaving the EU is bad for the country, its economy, security and position in the world. Today it suddenly turned into “only for a generation chance at greatness.”

Blair added: “Mei says, if we want Britain became a great trading nation. And what is our first step in this endeavor? To leave the largest free trade Union in the world. She wants Britain has become a bridge between the EU and the USA. Is the lack of support in Europe?”

“We are told that this is a great time to make capitalism more honest. And how do we lay the Foundation for such a lofty goal? Threats Europe to remove low taxes and little regulated economy — which is absolutely contrary to it?”

Blair wondered what future historians will say about all the immigrants who came to the UK and became the main reason for voting for Brakcet? “It was horrible people who threatened the stability of the country? No, they know that, in General, the migrants were well educated, worked hard, paid taxes and revenue to the state.”

The former Prime Minister also mentioned other brand flimsy arguments in defense of Breccia. For example, the view that leaving the EU will remain Britain weekly $440 million for the health system. Or — a danger, though Syrian refugees have flooded Britain, but it is not.

“All of this ignores the challenges and the wrath of those who voted for Pexit, those who remained behind of globalization, and the impact of the financial crisis; stagnation in the income of some families; voltage because of the increase in migration, which has forced reasonable people to worry, and then feel deprived of the opportunity to Express their excitement”.

This is true for the United States. Donald trump is not all wrong. We need to fix trade relations with China, which is something we won because of our openness. NATO members should pay their share in the Alliance. We can’t put every immigrant who wants to get to America. We need to rebuild our infrastructure and make sensible deregulation.

But, he believes the trump and the fact that, perhaps in vain, scares me.

If immigrants from Mexico and China — not robots, program or automatic system — guilty of stealing jobs from the middle class. If we are flooded with immigrants from Mexico, while the rate of immigration from Mexico today is zero (most of the migrants come from failed States in Central America, and Mexico is the second largest source of tourists paying in our country). If climate change is a hoax and we need to weaken the regulations regarding emissions from coal-fired power plants to return the work to the miners and to ignore health issues and the impact on jobs in clean energy, where they pay more. If the key to the return of the middle class is not investing in people, health, infrastructure and training throughout life, and the imposition of import tax. And that the EU, NATO, the Transatlantic partnership and Nafta only outdated international support, heavy-handed “administrative state” that must be removed — and not the pillars of the liberal democratic order, spread around the world our values, rules and standards that has gone for us.

How did Blair say about the EU: in fact, a Union of values — freedom, democracy and the rule of law. To the extent that the world is changing and the borders of nation and culture, what values will govern the twenty-first century? Today, for the first time in my adult life, it is unclear whether a favorable solution to this question. Britain, because of the history of unions and the nature, plays a key role in the fact that it was so.

As well as America. But the spread of these values trump is not inspiring. World for him — the real estate market winners and losers. Perhaps it reaches some careful heights. But America has become a prosperous and safe because they built the world in our image — not just a world where we are the only winners.

Thomas Friedman, American journalist, three-time Pulitzer prize winner.