The main question of the new world about the United States and Russia

If you subscribe one by one news last week… Turns out this headline: “let’s make a deal. And properly divide all among themselves”.

The two Imperial powers… the United States and Russia. Two long-standing historic rival… it’s like They are preparing for “division”.

Although alarm Turkey is quite clear. Turkey, as a NATO member, announced the people’s protection Units (YPG) a terrorist organization… But, judging from the news, there is something else.

Exactly between USA and Russia there is a kind of “exchange of courtesies”.

For example, Russia says: “for Many years I could not go out in the warm sea. Assad is in a difficult situation. For me, it was a favorable opportunity. Supporting it, I got two Syrian port in the Eastern Mediterranean and placed their warships… moreover, it is a perpetual agreement.”

This idea of Russia yesterday has got to tapes of news agencies in the news: “Siamand Kacmaz (Siyamend Kaçmaz)/Moscow (DHA) — the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that the demands for the immediate departure of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to solve the Syrian problem is unacceptable…” the message becomes clear the intentions of Russia.

Okay, but what the US wants: “Let there loyal to me Kurdish ground force from the North of Iraq — Syria to the Eastern Mediterranean.”

How do we become clear? Here is the news: “by nafiz Albayrak (Albayrak Does)/new York, March 2 (DHA) — the Commander of U.S. operations in the middle East, General Stephen Townsend (Steven Townsend) stressed that the YPG do not pose a threat for Turkey, by contrast, YPG wish to construct favourable relations with Turkey.”


But that’s not all. The commander openly says the following: “the operation in raqqa participation of YPG forces. It is unknown to what extent will participate in the Turkey.”


In addition, the Pentagon has published photos of fighters in the ranks of YPG. And about the armor, handed over to US, we also know. From somewhere I remember the situation!!! Similar conversations were about the Peshmerga in Northern Iraq before the war in the Persian Gulf. Remember the days when the CIA took ten thousand members of the Peshmerga training… Days, when a white jeep crossed our border and entered Northern Iraq…

If you remember all this, bundle Syria — USA — YPG may seem to be a match with a known outcome. Think about Barzani (Barzani)… Can he not listen to US? It is the local ground strength of the US here, isn’t it? Except for the North of Syria is not conceived the same way? And the news that I brought to presage just that.

And now to the question of “sharing”… Could the US and Russia on the basis of this division to get closer to each other?

To answer this question I have news. Here’s an example: “Siamand Kacmaz (Siyamend Kaçmaz)/Moscow, February 28 (DHA) — the head of the American chamber of Commerce in Russia Alex Ryjenko said that the new Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross (Willbur Ross) can participate in the International economic forum in St.-Petersburg”. Okay, but who is Ross? Now the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. But he previously served on the Board of the us-Russia investment Fund.

The search for common defense

And the most important news from the point of view of NATO: “Siamand Kacmaz (Siyamend Kaçmaz)/Moscow, February 27 (DHA) — the Head of the Russian state company rostec Sergei Chemezov said that thanks to the advent of the new US President Donald trump relations between Moscow and Washington, including in the defense sector, can improve”. Yes, directly at our borders are extremely important events regarding our future.

“Sharing” around Syria, Iraq and the Eastern Mediterranean… Efforts to prepare the YPG as the administration of the Autonomous region. Turkey is resolute in YPG. As a result, States will have to make a decision. They agreed with Russia would go to “redistribution”?.. Disregard NATO and choose the YPG?

And the main question: what shall we call the collusion of the US and Russia: “world peace” or a new “sharing plan from the Union of the Imperial forces”? Now for the “free world” test.