The US has clearly announced its “ally”!

When the civil war began in Syria, I have written many times that we do not need to intervene in this war. Experienced scientists, historians were of the same opinion.

At the beginning of the war, our support for the anti-Assad opposition led to the fact that the forces of the Syrian regime, withdrawing from this region, left a vast space of the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) — the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).

The fact that ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), and PYD as if in collusion reversed, and LIH, for example, without a fight left PYD cities such as tel Abyad, showing that we are talking about a joint project.

Turkmens in the region, said: “the US and ISIS gave the tel Abyad PYD — the people’s protection Units (YPG)”.

A corridor to the Mediterranean sea…


PYD — PKK (YPG, “the Democratic forces of Syria” (SDG) — all the same) when you provide US the support moved along our border. Despite the warnings of Turkey “West of the Euphrates is our red line”, to get out of there, they were not going.

There was a desire to open a corridor PYD along our borders, which went to the Mediterranean sea.

Because it was obvious that the PYD — PKK — SDG also intend to take Jerablus, to connect the Kurdish Canton of Afrin, in the neighbourhood Hatem, Canton of Kobani to the East, Turkey has started the operation “shield of the Euphrates” and took Jerablus from ISIS.

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As you know, recently, al-Bab, too, was cleared of ISIL and the Turkish armed forces entered to the city center.

During the operation “shield of the Euphrates”, in which Turkey suffered heavy casualties, neither the US nor the coalition nor Assad, nor Russia was not seen nearby.

Protect PYD

After President erdoğan said: “After El-Baba, the Turkish army will go to Manbij,” all quickly changed.

In all of his recent articles, I warned: “If, after El-Baba, the Turkish armed forces will come from Syria, we can be in the midst of a great war. And the United States in the first place, Assad, and Russia and Barzani (Barzani) will support this global plan PYD (Kurdistan). Although given certain promises, they are not trustworthy”.

On Tuesday we heard that “in response to the possible operation in Manbij troops and US tanks came to the suburbs and the center Manija”.

The commander of the Central command of the US armed forces (CENTCOM) Joseph Votel (Joseph Votel) promised PYD: “Manbij is under the protection of coalition forces”.

In his statement, he also said that “the Turkish attack on Kurdish forces in the area Manuja will hamper the fight against ISIL.”

West, East of the Euphrates!

Meanwhile, CENTCOM has published in social networks pictures of women fighters in the ranks of the PYD — PKK — YPG says: “Women warriors against the Syrian ISIS”.

When we put it all together, it becomes clear who the US chose allies that they will do in the case of operations in Manbij and why are they still opposed the safe zone.

Manbij is in the West of Euphrates and Afrin, too. In addition, it is impossible to imagine that the cantons in the East of the Euphrates will create less risk.

In Iraq’s Mosul PKK and regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan continue a similar game.

Events show, in the face of danger is our border with Syria and, therefore, our Southeast region. We can’t waste time in this matter, the referendum must not divert our attention!