The Nativity of the blessed virgin: what not to do in a holiday on 21 September

21 September 2017, Orthodox Christians celebrate a great feast – the Nativity of the blessed virgin, or Second (Small) immaculate. This festival is among the twelve great feasts (the twelve most important after the Easter holidays), so “Today” I wrote about the most important rules that must be followed on this day.


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Every family in honor of this holiday it is customary to have a Grand dinner. Our ancestors believed that the richer the hostess will prepare for the Nativity of the blessed virgin, the more generous will be the next year’s crop. So don’t forget to pay tribute to nature, putting on the table a basket of apples, pears, plums and grapes. If the crop was large, this holiday used to be celebrated for two weeks,

Now, remember that in any case can not be done on the day of the Nativity of the blessed virgin:

  • Do not engage in heavy physical labor: leave for later work on the house, the garden and the garden;
  • When you sit with the whole family at the table, on the floor you can’t sweep away crumbs. If after eating was the bread, it gave the pet.
  • It is also impossible to argue with loved ones and conflict with others (if the situation is close to critical, try to resolve any contentious issues through peaceful means);
  • On the day of the Nativity of the blessed virgin, you must have pure thoughts. Don’t raise your voice for loved ones is a sin. Also you can not wish evil to another or to think ill of somebody.
  • This day is spent in fasting: not allowed to eat meat and drink alcohol.

Remember, this holiday should start with a trip to a temple or Church for prayer. After that, be sure to congratulate your loved ones and go to visit relatives.