TOP 5 foods for a flat stomach

American nutritionists have made the top 5 foods for a flat stomach. In it they included miso soup, whole grain bread, legumes, artichokes and watermelon. Quite a strange set of products, but nutritionists are confident that they will help you to find a thin waist – peopletalk.

Bread from whole wheat flour

According to nutritionist Marilyn Glenville, whole wheat bread contains four times more fiber, three times more zinc and twice more iron than normal white bread. In addition, he quickly suppresses the appetite and digest very slowly, which means you have no risk to eat more than and recover.


It turns out that it’s the safest “fuel” for the figure. Legumes do not settle at the waist, as it is practically not digested in the stomach.


Nutritionist Susie Sauer found that the artichoke is the chlorogenic acid which vacuum cleaner is cleaning your body holds the real detox program.


Not only that, watermelon is full of healthy antioxidants, so it is also an excellent diuretic product that helps to remove your body of excess fluid.

Miso soup

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns says that unpasteurized paste for making miso soup, helps in better digestion due to the content of lactic acid bacteria.

Of course, there are only these products impossible. Food will be inferior. But if twsat it a habit to include them in your daily menu (at least twice a week) – the result will not keep itself waiting.