Through the blockade of Donbass in Ukraine, want to play the Abkhazian scenario of the Prime Minister

At the moment Ukraine has several types of blockade, economic and energy. First, Moscow blocked Ukrainian goods, which moved in transit through the territory of the Russian Federation to third countries. And then, the energy blockade in the Donbass. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday.

“Yesterday we met with the leaders of many metallurgical enterprises – including foreign capital, which clearly said: if we do not use Ukrainian subsurface and Ukrainian coal – for example, for metallurgy, there are only two options to purchase this coal. Coal can be purchased either in the United States that is unprofitable for these companies and for a long time, or from Russia. Obviously, the effects of such a blockade devastating for the economy of our state,” he said.
According to him, the negative effects of the blockade of Donbass: it is the threat of a heat supply in cities, the threat of lack of electricity in the required quantities and the threat of stoppage of economically active enterprises, layoffs of hundreds of thousands of workers and as a result destructive processes in the national economy.

“I understand that maybe someone really wants us to launch the enemy so deep into the country to give the opportunity from within to destabilize the situation and perhaps to play a different scenario – one that we’ve seen, which is called Abkhazian or Transnistrian scenario. But Ukraine is a holistic country. And the Crimea and Donbass – it is Ukraine. Our task today is to recover what we have illegally taken,” – said Groisman.

“I don’t want to believe that politicians who play up the blockade, do it absolutely deliberately becoming actors other scenarios, developed outside Ukraine. I want to believe that it is not. But even afraid to imagine that some of our Ukrainian politicians can play absolutely a key role in undermining our independence, our statehood”, – he added.

We will remind, on Donbass lasts the blockade of the coal, with the active participation of several people’s deputies of Ukraine. Upon blocking of railway lines in the Luhansk oblast Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings.

In turn the Prime Minister-the Minister Vladimir Groysman declared that will not allow the embargo to organize the fight against the Ukrainian people. The Prime Minister reminded that two weeks ago people risked their lives to restore the operation of enterprises in the town.

The website “Today” to find out the threat is a blockade of Donbass. According to experts, the consequences can be catastrophic.