Alternative facts trump: he really is lying like Putin!

If someday historians will appreciate the modernity from a historical perspective, it is about our era will say: “It was an age of liars”. Two of them are the most influential and the most dangerous posts on the planet, so God save us.


Vladimir Putin is lying and doing it professionally, without batting an eye, without blushing, as it should be. As chronically lying to his Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. We take it for granted as a traditional component of personality of the Russian rulers. It is a Byzantine, Eastern trait and can say that steppe. The king could say anything, because he is sovereign! And more importantly, what the king said, and the truth is not important. It has to speak to the men, responding to Authority, and the Power and the leader can grind anything, not thinking about reality. And they do so. I will never forget how else could Putin told journalists that in Crimea not the Russian military. And exactly the same nobility he then reported as thank them and as a reward — those military, which in the Crimea was not. Okay, that Bolshevik lies, he lied to the autocracy, Eastern wedge in Europe! We also really important to keep the Western civilization and the environment, which since the days of the Roman Empire focuses, rather, on the truth.


But now he started talking to agent Orange, and I suddenly saw how distorted our classic axis of evil. After all, historically it has generally been predetermined: the East — Russia, tyranny and lies, and the West is America, freedom and truth. And suddenly, because of trump, which I really support, everything changed. Lie defiantly become part of policy and in our civilization, and suddenly the facts, the truth came to mean as little as in Russia.


Recently elected President of the United States Donald trump said in a discussion with reporters in Florida about migrants: “We need to protect our country. Look what is happening in Germany. Look what last night happened in Sweden. In Sweden, who would have thought. Sweden. There they took a lot, and now there are problems, which did not expect”.


The Swedes have really taken a lot of immigrants, and there really have been some problems, but the night before the show trump there’s really nothing happened. Trump, who just are angry at migrants, blurted out nonsense, lies, alternative the fact.

Between Putin and trump, of course, there is a fundamental difference: if Putin is lying elegantly and with the generosity of a former agent, serious, dignified and restrained, before thinking hard and making a lie part of a particular plot, the tramp is lying like a dork. In rubber boots, with a nuclear fork in the right hand and a cowboy hat he swears like a hillbilly, and in excess of feelings grinds that came into our heads without even thinking that kind of nonsense carries. That’s the difference. Putin and trump have in common is that, despite the reality they are willing to lie to the public about anything if it will bring them immediate benefits. And in the case of the heads of the two nuclear superpowers with nuclear suitcases, it’s just the trouble. And I can only hope that, meryayas members, these two liar will not start a nuclear war.