Ogryzko told how the Kremlin is buying European politicians

Moscow enveloped Western Europe agents, buying up not only of politicians, but entire political parties that set up the Europeans to the positive attitude to Russia. This was told in an interview Online.ua former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ogryzko.

“Putin managed to create in the West a network of structures that have a positive attitude to Russia. In Germany these are called Putinversteher – “Those who understand Putin”. It is simple: people buy from low level to high. Recall, Mr. Schroeder, former Chancellor of Germany, who has been bought “Gazprom” – in the truest sense of the word (Gerhard schröder is the Chairman of the shareholders ‘ Committee of Nord Stream AG, the Gazprom – ed.). He still continues to work on “Gazprom”, spreading the idea of strengthening the gas dependence of Europe from Russia. Even journalists, political analysts, experts, buy the entire institution and the party. In France today, the ongoing scandals with MS marine Le Pen (who has repeatedly declared Pro-Russian – ed.) – said Ogryzko.

He notes that it is not only about France but also about other countries like Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands, where there are political forces that feed Moscow, where the forces of different political persuasions. Also, the diplomat reminded about the hacker attacks from Russia during the electoral process.

Ohryzko also stressed that the Europeans react to Putin’s suppression of democracy in Europe in the spirit: “We can not do as they, for example, to ban Russia Today because it would be contrary to our democratic principles.”

As reported, the former employee of FSB has told, how Russia sends to Europe as refugees natives of Chechnya with false documents, which are now part of the Russian Agency network abroad.