Trump is disappointed in the strategy of “establishing contacts with Russia and containment of China”?

On 20 February President of the United States Donald trump has appointed as his new Advisor for security Affairs Lieutenant-General Herbert McMaster. He was replaced by Michael Flynn, who resigned because of the scandal associated with contacts with Russia. What is the solution? It means that the strategy of “establishing contacts with Russia and containment of China”, which trump fantasized at the beginning of the tenure of the President, suffered a complete collapse, not even begun to be implemented.

Trump began to show his affection for Russia during the election campaign. He “like” interaction with Putin, and sometimes even openly flattered him, appreciating the widespread respect commanded by Putin and his ability to lead. Trump has repeatedly stated that it will be able to get along with the President of Russia, and Putin in turn was responsible mutual flattery and called trump “smart” and “talented” person. Moreover, surrounded by trump, there are many people that have close relations with Russia. For example, the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, and the now retired Michael Flynn. On the other hand, trump is often quite strong comments against China, starting from the accusations of the Chinese that they take earnings from Americans, to promises to tax Chinese products a huge tax amounting to prohibition of importation of goods. Here not to mention a telephone conversation with President of Taiwan, Cai Inven and trump statements that the principle of one-China (principle of China’s foreign policy, which is based on the recognition of the Republic of China, island of Taiwan part of the PRC — approx. ed.) to be discussed. The desire trump “to get closer to Russia and away from China,” obviously, and it was in this environment, analysts are beginning to actively explore and talk about “establishing contacts with Russia and containment of China”.

Actually I have no interest in this issue. Why? We know from history that such UPS and downs. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, President Yeltsin began an active rapprochement with the West. He listened to the suggestions of Western advisors and began the “shock therapy” in the hope to receive assistance and approval. However, what it led to? To a catastrophic leak of state ownership, the endless blows to the economy, the huge gap between rich and poor, increasing social discontent. At the same time, America and other Western countries continue to put into question the human rights in Russia, and even its territorial possessions. The purpose of this was to achieve a full split of Russia and make her unable to resist America. Seeing the harsh reality, Yeltsin finally woke up: he was replaced by Pro-Western officials and returned to an independent foreign policy. His successor, Putin was more shrewd in relation to ideas of the West and had a clearer idea of the way of the revival of Russia. Therefore, the only correct foreign policy, he believed “the turn to the East” and comprehensive rebuff to the West in the Georgian, Ukrainian and Syrian issues.

To the West cannot be relied upon. Hard-won historical experience of Russia has shown that friends are only on the East. How Russia can build illusions about America, only hearing the eulogies trump? Vladimir Putin has expressed in support of stated trump’s course for closer ties with Russia. Putin hopes of improving us-Russian relations will manage to benefit even more strategic possibilities. So really Russia would agree to become one of the tools of containment of China, destroying achieved by hard work the success of the development? After all, the relationship of these successes with China are obvious.

“The rapprochement with Russia and away from China’s” rapidly gained its original shape. After less than a month the official presidency, trump his close aide and adviser on security issues, Flynn is forcibly retired, due to the fact that before the inauguration of the trump discussed with the Russian Ambassador in the US, prospects for the lifting of sanctions. It is important to know about the exposure of Flynn became known to the publication of the results of the FBI investigation. There is the idea of trump “to sacrifice the rook to save the Queen”.

Assuming the post of President, trump was against political correctness, but political correctness is spreading rapidly everywhere. For example, the main trend in the circles of the political elite of America are still anti-terrorism and Russophobic sentiments. And while the scandal with Flynn — it’s a blast in the concentration of such sentiments, his destructive power can not and will not dare to oppose the command of the trump. So hasty demands trump to return to Ukraine Crimea and confident statement by Secretary of defense James Matisse of Russian interference in presidential elections testify to the active distancing from Russia.

At the same time, during a telephone conversation with XI Jinping trump has promised to uphold the principle of “one China.” Also had telephone conversations between U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson and Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi, and between the Secretary of the Treasury Adam Shubina and Vice-Premier of China Wang Yang and Director of the people’s Bank of China Zhou Xiaochuan. All this is equally demonstrated, that trump clearly recognizes the importance of U.S.-China cooperation.

The fact that at this time among the many candidates for the Flynn trump chose Lieutenant General McMaster, further proves his determination to secede from Russia. McMaster has always been cautious regarding the military power of Russia and led the research project “Russian war of a new generation” (“Russia’s New Generation Warfare study”) to study new combat capabilities of Russia. In the framework of the project an analysis was carried out, what form of warfare Russia has used in Syria and Eastern Ukraine in order to help the Pentagon the right to respond to this “alarm signal”. Such actions may inadvertently cause to remember the Cold war period. Just imagine if a man like Lieutenant General McMaster, obviously with hatred against Russia, will be a permanent adviser to trump what awaits Russian-American relations: a lot of opportunities or a lot of calls?

Trump has shown himself to be duplicitous in relation to Russia. The Russians see it, their dissatisfaction with trump. Doubts and about what kind of person trump is. According to media reports at the moment, Russian diplomats are preparing for Putin’s psychological portrait of trump (the Kremlin has denied reports about ordering a psychological portrait of trump, approx. ed.). Among the preliminary conclusions of the authors of the dossier may be allegations that the new President of the United States, the former star of the reality show, is an adventurer with a fairly simple Outlook. But what, then, is Putin?

It can be assumed that in the future three major powers of China, America and Russia will retain a major role in the international arena and will have a profound effect on the trends in the political and economic structure of the world. And definitely we can say that in this big game show called “establishing contacts with Russia and containment of China” is just a fantasy that is impossible to implement at this stage.