Syria, the left and the “comrade” Putin

Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian conflict resulted in the Syrian division of the left into three main groups. The first are those that wholeheartedly believe in what Russian (Soviet) military will stop in Syria, jihadists and imperialists. The second accused Russia of war crimes and believe that the Russians are no better and even worse than the Yankees. Still others, though aware that the homeland of Lenin today is the real capitalist country, find comfort in the idea that the strengthening of Russia can end the nightmare, what is a unipolar world with USA at the helm.

Hero or anti-hero Vladimir Putin?

The identity and actions of “super-President” Putin, of course, hold in tension the many. Since the days of Stalin, no Russian leader was not as popular as he is. The Governor of the largest state on the planet and masterfully knows how to throw dust in the eyes of the champion of order and discipline is the Union of the bourgeoisie and the tycoons who control of state and privatized facilities. This so-called international elite, which includes, for example, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder turned to the Manager “Gazprom”. Dutch disease became the scourge of Russia and other countries-manufacturers of oil and gas.

Today Vladimir Putin is not the man who was once Prime Minister under President Boris Yeltsin. In those years the US and in a head did not come to relax or try to organize the overthrow of Vladimir Putin — he could be useful to deter the Communists.

The pragmatist in domestic politics and realist in foreign, Putin, true to his ingenious doctrine. He celebrates “the Day of the Cheka”, paying tribute to the Bolshevik secret services, uses Soviet symbols in parades, spoke of the “decadent imperialist West” and at the same time supports ultra-conservative Orthodox Church and puts candles to Europe and the United States urged him to work together to decide the fate of the world. And the middle East — a very convenient region to regain its status as a world power.

Putinomania, emerged as a product of anti-Russophobia (which is often confused with communicopia), and its proponents speak of “Western conspiracy” but whenever there’s any protest movement (even working openly) against the policy of the Kremlin, like the concept of “class struggle” has disappeared, with a wave of a magic wand, in this capitalist society.

The Russian Communists believe in the word!

Due to the lack of information about what is really going on in Syria, some suggest to just take the Russian Communist party (advocating diplomacy with Putin), however:

1. We’re talking about the party, which led the USSR, the country that the Communists knew inside out, and the whole world socialism to the abyss, despite the efforts of hundreds of thousands of Soviet analysts, or am I wrong?

2. Do the Communists can’t be wrong? “Believe” is somehow not Marxist.

3. The Communists of Russia, like other countries, divided into different factions, and not all of them speak in support of the foreign policy of the President.

4. Russian Communists have committed a lot of mistakes in the middle East, has always given priority to the strategic interests of his country, and not the interests of affected States. As an example: the USSR was the first country to recognize the Zionist state of Israel. Maybe the Palestinian left should do the same?

The invasion of Syria

A few points:

• None of the countries involved in the Syrian military conflict, does not do it out of love for the Syrian people, nor for the establishment of regional or international progressive order.

• The legality of Russian military presence in Syria, explained by the resolution of Damascus, is highly questionable. Similarly, we can say that the United States and Saudi Arabia bombed Yemen, causing a major humanitarian crisis in the world, on very legitimate grounds — at the request of its President Mansura Hadi.

• The purpose of Moscow is not protecting the Syrians, nor even a cornered President, and certainly it is not the restoration of the territorial integrity of Syria.

• This operation does not have any impact on the original cause of the war nor its result. It only exacerbated and complicated the conflict. Moscow and Washington have already played the fate of Syria.

• Russia has fallen into the trap of Barack Obama, who decided not to overthrow Bashar al-Assad (he lives in his Palace, which remained intact despite the fact that his country for 5 years precipitated by 30 other States), and to turn Syria into a slaughterhouse, where supporters and opponents of the Assad regime are killing each other on the joy of Washington and tel Aviv.

The “liberation” of Aleppo the legendary “Russian” has many nuances: Moscow has allowed Turkey to end Kurdish autonomy Rozhava in exchange for the withdrawal of Aleppo controlled by Turkish jihadists. As a result of the terrorists (with weapons) was put on a bus, gave them sodas and sandwiches and taken to another city of Idlib. The Syrians my eyes could not believe. Moreover, the carefully stage-managed “victory” in Aleppo DID not change the balance of power in this conflict.

The bombs dropped by the coalition under the leadership of Russia on the civilians, killing as well as those that shed the United States and Turkey. Both parties have used the pretext of the “war against terror” to get carte Blanche to promote their strategic interests. Some, lounging on a comfy couch somewhere in a peaceful town justify these “secondary victims” (the lifeless bodies of thousands of Syrians,) the noble aim of the struggle against imperialism. This is the height of ethical decadence! “The ends do not justify the means” — this slogan has always proclaimed leftists. To kill some people to save another part of it? How Putin discussed the Chechen crisis and the situation with capture of hostages in the Dubrovka theater and Beslan school, a willingness to sacrifice thousands of civilian, to end terrorism, says not only narrow-minded, but also about the inhumanity

Russia has not become (yet) imperialist country in the Marxist sense of the word, but actively inclined to jingoism (nationalism exalted the military). Its volatile politics and society will present many more surprises.

Whether fighting Russian imperialism?

Few people know that in 2001, Putin made a request on Russia’s accession to NATO. This time period was established, the Council Russia-NATO, whose task was to coordinate military and civilian cooperation between the blocks. Their run-in this cooperation took place in Afghanistan, where the Alliance has left hundreds of thousands dead and 5 million refugees. In the period from 2012 to 2015, the United States enjoyed air force base in Ulyanovsk to transport supplies to Afghanistan. Abstaining from a vote in the security Council in 2011, Russia made the attack on Libya. Russia supported the economic and military sanctions against Iran, while Israel and Saudi Arabia armed to the teeth, and dangerous, thereby violating the precarious military balance in the region.

The attacks of NATO on Russia due to the fact that the United States cannot accept the existence of so powerful and so rich natural resources of the country outside its control. However, these geopolitical ambitions cannot serve as progressive forces for the simple reason that they are weakened very much. And Yes, religious organizations (which can be attributed to the reactionary right) are unable to fill this vacuum, no matter how much they scream about their anti-Americanism!

Multipolar world decreases the risk of a new war. How many military invasions and coups happened during the period of the Soviet Union! Russia — not a warlike state, but not the angel of peace. This country takes the second place in arms sales in the world.

Today the revolutionary struggle does not make sense. Small and large States used weapons of mass destruction against thousands of civilians without even blinking an eye. It is essential that all foreign participants of the conflict in Syria has left the country and control of establishment of peace and democracy was transferred to the UN. This must be done before trump declared Syria a failed state and sent its troops there.