Horoscope for February 26-March 4: the rams need less to command and seek to compromise, and Cancers should pay more attention to the families

February 26 at 16:54 will be a solar Eclipse in Pisces, switching in the right direction “toggle of the” life of subjects who may not all ready, because they are accustomed to move by inertia. We have to feel the voice of the evolutionary Tomorrow, reorganized, breaking the usual way to engage in the process of implementation of the new Heavenly task. And the path of future development.

Spent the past goes and the future is already on the doorstep and within six months all that will occur is fatal.

Until mid-March, please refrain from drastic steps if it is your will. But if circumstances are driving into a dead end, nowhere to go — submit. So, there are omissions, you need to finalize some not done at the appointed time of the program.

Events from January 22 to March 13, takes place according to the law of “cause and effect”. We are moving inside a “corridor”, where deviations in its sole discretion is prohibited.

SAGITTARIUS, VIRGO, GEMINI, PISCES, not preity, like a bulldozer. You are on the karmic “Calvary”, relax, then fatal “reset” will be held with minimal losses.

ARIES. The energy is high, the charm is flowing, but to call the fire itself is impossible. Hide your site behind the scenes, where seething predefined events. The language of control, do not get stuck in the adventure, keep official secrets. If pumped health, the root of diseases — psihosomaticheskoy. Go to the victim, show compassion, pray to heal the soul of sinful vices, negative-hypnosis, addictions, temptations. Continue not to repeat them. Then on the physical level, everything is back to normal.
In dealing with people and the degree of emotion is high, less control, and seek reasonable compromise. Near you old noble partners, go with them and you’ll be fine.

TAURUS. The theme of friendship, mutual love is the key. You want leadership, but it is deceptive. Tune to the sense of altruism, to care, care for heart companion, then there will be a celebration of a love idyll. The imbalance between “day” and “on” is detrimental to the preservation of a strong Union. “Taxi” confident, in parallel, eliminating obstacles, vestiges of the karmic past. Host wise and total budget.

If you are tired, want to be alone, get away from human bustle and relax.

It is advisable to look in the mirror, perhaps you “gave up.” It’s time to upgrade the toilet, hair. Nice to go on a diet, exercise, lose weight.

Those who were motivated to change jobs, do it before June 8, it makes no sense.

GEMINI. The most problematic epicenters of events — home and work, the relationship “parents-children”, “superior-subordinate”. Here it is necessary to skillfully balance, applying maximum effort to the go to streamline life and artistic development in the service. Plus to maintain a high physical tone, time to “clean feathers”, to dress fashionably and to look beautiful.

If you career (business) the Elevator “stuck”, just wait and don’t rush into the closed door. The main thing — to save received in the last 8-10 years professional experience. Subsequently, all will benefit.

Your mission is to harmoniously combine dogma and psychologist. Learn to appreciate the real situation and the emotional mood of others, to bring theory into practice.

The axis of “love-friendship” is very intense. Not to stray from the right path, to be in demand in the society, you need the “advanced” energetic, inventive friends, Pets, feeling the pulse of time. As they say “with whom povedeshsya, on and nabereshsya.

CANCERS. The veil of illusion is torn, you will suddenly see the light, having passed through the pangs of disappointment, convinced that all is not gold that glitters. Not all advisers should blindly believe, and to listen carefully to your own voice of reason. To filter the wheat from the garbage. Try to maintain good friendly relations with people.

In the service labor faithfully, walking in unison with the progressive needs of society. And the main thing — do not modify creative vocation. It is your inspiration Muse. And be sure to pay more attention to family. The radiant warmth of a family hearth you truly happy. It’s Holy territory.

LIONS. If you are in acute need of the beloved mate and she was there, but something invisible prevents to merge, become one — look for the root of the unbalancing in itself. Likely to get rid of selfish ambitions, bad habits, excessive demands, and then adjust your tuning fork on the heart, the soul, the intimate wave chosen. And become fast friends.

The sexual aspect of the relationship is the most important, for it transforms you, and cements the Union for the future.

VIRGO. Around — the electrified atmosphere. Fasten your seatbelt and follow the safety regulations in the business, financial collaboration, the marriage relationship — the slightest slip and crash with devastating consequences is inevitable.

Save a caring compassionate friendly disposition to the people of your reaction to the tasks of the authorities, which has seven Fridays in the week, and where you can not hurry with the implementation of the orders.

The financial problems at work by focusing. Pay back your debts. Are you working with progressive individuals in demand in the society, whose demands cannot be ignored.

Married couples have a “reset” in the active phase, a game of tug-of-war fascinating, stimulates adrenaline, but dangerous. Try to reach a consensus of interests.

LIBRA. Your mission is to become employment generator and create a favourable microclimate in the service team. If you have previously harnessed and have no strength to pull the who downloads, tricky maneuver. You are a great psychologist, have charismatic influence, to find a way out of the impasse can. The danger of regression is dependent on the employers official business, which we need to get rid of here you has exhausted itself.

If privy to the secrets, engaged in secret activities, keep in mind: any covert intrigues with allies, will come up to the surface. All around you, in your hand!

Keep a leash on the marriage mate (she’s attractive, sexy) to avoid being withdrawn.

SCORPIONS. In the sphere of love “reformatting”. To get the endorphin of happiness, now you need a partner — a trusted friend and lover in one person, whose spiritual interests are consonant with yours. Put a dot on a romantic adventure, not “shoot” around, is a thing of the past. You are ripe for high relationship, where the mad passions have no place.

However, to get like a needle and thread should do the “inspection” slabinac intimate relationships. Something to eliminate and something to work on.
For brides and zyatey do not be angry, and help to steer, they are destined to make your children happy.

ARCHERS. You in the crossfire family, household, business, marriage problems, sores and wait out the rush jobs in the trenches do not expect. We need to fight where iron pragmatism, and where intricate play on the psychological strings of people. Most likely the result is “draw”. But that’s a plus. Played “muscle” and scare enemies.

In the hierarchy of “superior-subordinate”, “parents-children”, is fatalism, “model” and draw conclusions for the future.

In the end, the family, the house in the near future all will change dramatically. Monitor your own behavior when you “bears an” uncontrollable force, this is a provocation of the evil one. If you become the object of temptation is too antics of the evil one. His goal is to persuade you to violate God’s commandments.

CAPRICORNS. Build relationships with relatives is not a boring moral guidance, and generous devotion to the spiritual (material) energy, attention and sensitivity. Home hearth is a sanctuary, do not defile her selfishness, aggression.

The danger for Capricorn, who fell in the pride of mentoring, dictate. Therefore, one does not criticize, judge not, that ye be not judged. Remove first the beam from your own eye. Excellence as a specialist in a field where a creative vocation. Then high patrons always take you under the wing.

AQUARIANS. The search for sources of profit is not only your personal chores. Engage partners to work together. However, you are subject to all height. “My” — “your” should be forgotten, now there is only “ours.” All the resources in the family “Bank” are added together and divided equally. Even the hidden “stash”. And do not quarrel on an ideological theme. The Apple of discord threatens to become incompatible beliefs.

If something is really wanted and tortured, but it is to the detriment of you, fate will neutralize that longing. Say goodbye and forget.

FISH. If a passionate “I” wants to assert itself, wants to be everywhere at the head in the front row is an illusion. You should feel it deeply, when to rush into battle and when to take time out, to hide, subtly tracking the reaction and mood of the environment. But once in the resonance, will be on horseback and will be able to act on their own plan.

Wield skillfully balancing the pole, because you are a circus performer, moving the rope over the ring, without a safety net.

Play partners, here you have a listed debt by June 8.