What in any case should not sacrifice for the sake of work: doctor of psychology

The work occupies an important place in modern life. Especially if you do what you love, then will not exist weekends and holidays.

But it is important to set boundaries between professional and personal life, because it promotes internal harmony, strengthens relationships with family members, gives force to the development and success required in both spheres, noted mizky.com.

In addition, you need to learn to set boundaries between personal and professional life, because otherwise you will suffer and work, and health.

What not to sacrifice for the job, says the doctor of psychology Travis Bradbury.

1. Health

It is sometimes difficult to set boundaries between their own health and work, because they are closely related. But it may be the impetus for the appearance in your life of stress, sleepless nights and lack of time, for example, on a hobby.

The key point is to not let that happen. Therefore, learn to allocate time to walk during your lunch break, relax on the weekends, take vacation, etc. Plan your vacation and don’t let anyone or anything spoil them, otherwise you allow the work to cross the acceptable boundary.

2. Family

Very often because of work suffering native people. And all because we perceive it as a means of family support. We think, “I need to earn more money to not have debts”. While these thoughts – the result of good intentions, they can destroy a family because of the constant lack of time.

When you’re on your deathbed, you won’t think about how much money earned, you will remember the days which he spent with his family.

3. Reasoning

No one is obliged to follow the order, don’t lose you mind at work. You must do it yourself, setting boundaries, to feel good. Your mental health also needs care.

If you put in a lot of work, but your boss is demanding more, you have full right to say “no” and to go to meet with friends or to make time for your hobby. Because of this, when you return to work the next day, you will feel full of energy. You can of course work after the end of the day, but remember that everyone needs time to relax and reboot, and you are no exception.

4. Feature

How you personality, to a certain extent affected by your work. It is therefore very important to make the latter captivates you completely. If you think about things that you really important and comes to mind only work, then do you let her cross the permissible boundary. And this can lead to burnout, stress and lack of growth as a person.

5. Honesty

The sacrifice of your integrity, you will feel stress. Feeling that your actions and beliefs contradict each other, it’s time to make it clear to your employer that you are not willing thus to do the work. If this creates problems, maybe it’s the time when your paths must diverge.

Remember, success often depends on your ability to set boundaries. Once you do, everything will fall into place.