As the ground is prepared for sale: want to ban the contracts and penalties

Rada is preparing the ground for the lifting of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land in the approved agenda for the sixth session should multiple bills on the subject. “Today” has learned, what could be new rules for the sale of land and this includes experts.

BAN. A ban on the sale of farmland, the Verkhovna Rada extended until the beginning of 2018 in October last year. Prior to that, he worked since 2000. This decision overreacted to the IMF head of IMF mission in Ukraine Ron van Ore said that the ban on sale “prevents the full development of agriculture and use of land for collateral for loans.” Just a week ago, a group of 55 MPs (PPO and “popular front”) appealed to the constitutional court of Ukraine to recognize the moratorium unconstitutional. “The basic law guarantees the right of ownership, which consists of three items: possession, use and disposal. It is the latter deprived the Ukrainians”, — said Tuesday from the podium BP initiated the appeal, the people’s Deputy from BPP Alex mushak.

LAWS. Analysts in one voice say that this year the issue of the moratorium in Parliament will be the key. “Most likely, will be the basic law, and three others. This is stipulated in the Memorandum of the IMF”, — said political analyst Vadim Karasev. I agree with him and his colleague Ruslan Bortnik.

So, except the law allows you to sell the farmland, the agenda was three documents. To start the MPs plan to fight against the shadow trade in land. Today, the land owner may exchange his land for another or sell it to the state. However, the law has a loophole — the owner may transfer the right to use the land of another person, having signed the preliminary contract. On it the parties agree to a temporary reprieve until the law authorizing the sale of land. And after the commencement of the act will conclude the main contract. In Parliament the opportunity are illegal and offer to clean up.

In addition, BP wants to transfer the right of control of agricultural land. For example, rural and local councils will be able to allow the construction of any facilities in such areas. They will also decide whether to give land for farmland or not. Note that these functions belong to regional and district administrations.
To protect the Happy land resources plans to launch its own agriculture. The Ukrainians, who want to execute such enterprises will be considered for the earth — they will be able to rent from local councils, to buy or to basis. However, a plot they can only be used for agricultural purposes.
Finally, until the summer of MEPs want to accept the norm on the protection of the fertility of the Ukrainian soil. That is, farmers can grow in one area a specific plant only a certain number of years. For violation of this rule, want to impose a fine of up to 8,5 thousand UAH.

Views: buying land and engine

The people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey Kaplin confirms that politics today is studying the issue of lifting the moratorium. The first stage is coming in the near future the constitutional court ruling on the illegality of the moratorium. After that, BP will be the legal prerequisites for the adoption of all necessary rules and lifting the ban. But there are risks. “If we talk about the consequences, the creation of a free land market will lead to scams in buying a huge amount of land rich people, he told us. — The second risk is that Ukraine will have the opportunity to pay the IMF loans the ground — it’ll just turn into a mortgage product. In my opinion, this is very dangerous — we may lose rights of ownership to the lion’s share of our land. Finally, the bills are currently in Parliament the opportunity to buy land will be able to foreigners”. According to the MP, thus, Ukraine will lose opportunities for global economic growth. Instead of an open land market Caplin proposes to transfer the entire land resource of the state, which must conduct an aggressive policy in foreign markets: “This will help stabilize the economy, to develop farm brands and create jobs.”

In turn, Deputy co-chair of the Strategic group of advisors supporting reforms of Paul Kuchta believes that the moratorium violates the basic principles of a free society and property rights, which is enshrined in the Ukrainian Constitution. “When we have 7.5 million people that are owners of the land can’t use it normally, we go against the inviolability of private property. It turns out that we are in the key sector of our economy have created the conditions that apart from us, if I’m not mistaken, there are only in the Congo, North Korea and Venezuela. That is, in countries with weak economies. The lifting of the moratorium will allow to attract investments into agriculture of Ukraine and will create an incentive to take care of the earth — it will be a valuable asset,” — emphasizes the expert. While Kuchta notes that today agriculture still remains one of the most powerful engines for the Ukrainian economy: “If we get rid of the ban, the development of this sector will end soon, and the village did not have a normal and functioning market economy”.