Russian Ambassador: the Boundaries of Norway can be in danger

The Russian Ambassador in Oslo Teimuraz Ramishvili strongly warns Norway from participation in the missile shield NATO.


In an interview with the online edition of the High North News Teimuraz Ramishvili delivers a warning against the participation of Norway in the missile shield.

“This is part of the strengthening of NATO at our borders. Well, well; the case of Norway: to decide which way to go to the country. If you want to endanger the border, creating problems for Russia — and thereby worsening the situation, or Norway wants to reduce this danger? Risk reduction — a synonym for the reduction of the presence of NATO near our borders. In this case, Russia will immediately respond positively and will even help Norway to dispel the concern that must be experienced by the country. I can assure you,” says the Ambassador in an interview with the High North News.

In an interview last week, he said relations with Norway unsatisfactory

This is the first interview given by the Ambassador after the Russian Embassy last week posted on his Facebook page in a Statement which said that relations between Norway and Russia, are unsatisfactory. Prime Minister Erna Solberg in response called it propaganda.

Aftenposten commentator Suggested Helena (Helene Skjeggestad) wrote on Wednesday that the Prime Minister “should not have to say anything”.

“This means that if the Prime Minister makes fun of the Russian Embassy, it is perceived as a serious signal. And when she says that Norway is like that heard from Russia repeatedly, and that is just propaganda, in the world of diplomacy is a strong word, uttered the most influential in Norway a politician,” writes Suggested.

The statement of the Embassy in Facebook followed a few weeks after Trine Skei Grande (Trine Skei Grande), the Left party, Bard and Vegard Colell (Bård Vegard Solhjell), the socialist left party, have not received an entry visa to Russia. This meant that the Committee of the Storting on foreign policy and defense had to cancel a visit to Moscow on the eve of the trip.

Rossovich warned against Norwegian participation

In January, Aftenposten commentator Frank Rossovich (Frank Rossavik) also warned against the participation of Norway in the missile shield.

“NATO missile shield gives the Russian a reason to arm themselves. Norway should stay out of the way,” wrote Rossovich.

The government has established an expert group, which in 2017 will assess the extent to which Norway can contribute to the creation of the shield. NATO and the United States for a number of years fighting for the establishment of a missile shield in Europe. The shield started to operate in may of last year.

Russia was an active opponent of the creation of a missile defense system, as it believes that it is aimed against Russia. NATO, by contrast, argues that the missile shield is aimed, in particular, against Iran, but not Russia.

On Wednesday, Aftenposten asked the Ministry of foreign Affairs. On Thursday, the newspaper has not yet received any comments from the Ministry.