Obama in farewell speech frightened Americans Russia and China

Moscow and Beijing do not compare in influence with Washington, if only the Americans and will not abandon their traditional values. About this in his farewell speech said President Barack Obama.

A considerable part of his speech, Obama devoted to the fight against international terrorism, stressing that the United States killed tens of thousands of fighters. Obama urged Americans to be vigilant and said that democracy is under threat and urged them to restore democratic institutions.

“Our rivals such as Russia or China can’t compete with us for influence in the world, yet we will not retreat from that stand, and will not surrender any large country bullying smaller neighbors. Encourage citizens to be vigilant, but not to succumb to fear in the face of external challenges,” Obama said.

Obama repeated several times that the United States always remain within the law.

We will remind, powers of the current US President and his team will expire on January 20, the day of the inauguration of the 45th President Donald trump.