Huanqiu shibao (China): the main thing is here! New weapons demonstrated by Russia at the Victory Parade

The pandemic coronavirus Victory day Parade on red square in Moscow this year were moved. Despite the fact that on 9 may in Russia held a large-scale flypast, no ground equipment impact on the overall mood of celebration. The result is a little more than a month on June 24 at the red square in Moscow finally held a Victory Parade. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Victory in world anti-fascist war and the victory in the great Patriotic war in Russia. In the parade on red square dedicated to the celebration of this important date, was attended by about 14 thousand troops and 225 units of military equipment. Demonstrated the weapons was a pleasant surprise, was first introduced a number of new models of military equipment.

Rare equipment during the Second world war has found a second youth

Traditionally, for many years a column of ground forces opens the T-34 tank, which played a major role during the great Patriotic war, and this year was no exception. However, unlike last year, which was attended by only one T-34 tank, this year at the parade traveled the entire structure, consisting of 11 units. Moreover, these machines are not just historic monuments, taken in the Museum, they are still in service with the Russian army in a state of full combat readiness. Last year Russia bought back from the Lao army party T-34. At that time, the technique of the pattern of the last century was still in service. T-34 tanks were delivered to Russia by train and met with all the honors. In the future, the Russian army carried out the maintenance and restoration of these machines in order to use them as “real” history books for the education of patriotism. The result of T-34 tanks were at the Victory Parade, returning to its former greatness.

After building T-34 tanks in Red square came anti-tank self-propelled artillery SU-100, known as a killer of German tanks. This type of weapons entered the battlefield in October 1944, and also brought the Soviet army to numerous victories. Demonstration of such a large number of rare vehicles from the Second world war in recent years is rare and suggests that Russia deeply respects its “iron heroes” of the great Patriotic war.

The new version of “deadly machines” was published

Main battle tank, which is called “death machine” — the main hero of the Victory Parade in recent years. The first batch of tanks T-90M has been adopted by the Western military district of Russia in April of this year, and part of the Victory Parade was held the official demonstration of this model. Russia had developed a new generation of tank T-14 “Armata”, but because of the high cost and untested military power it has not yet been fully accepted into service. And the T-90M, which is a modification of the T-90 has a high combat effectiveness and meets the operational requirements of the Russian army for the period of replacement for combat arms.

It is reported that the T-90M is equipped with a diesel engine B-92С2 the 1130 horsepower and new dynamic of anti shaped-charge protection and mesh screen that protects the lower part of the tower that allows you to withstand the attack of missiles, RPGs and other weapons. Besides the obvious modernization of the body, also improved the electronic equipment, whereby an enhanced ability of Informatization of warfare. In the development of the T-90M has been saved the device is a laser detection and launcher smoke grenades active protection system “Blind”, but was eliminated by the transmitter active interference. From the standpoint of firepower combat vehicle equipped with a tank gun 2A82-1M, of the same type 2A82 as the tank T-14 “Armata”. This cannon can launch a new armor-piercing projectiles with a core of tungsten alloy, feathered armor-piercing projectiles, guided missiles and other 9М119М that allows you to increase the destructive power of the tank.

In addition to T-90M, a second tank, which participated in the parade and attracted great attention is the modernized tank T-80БВМ. The world’s first tank with a gas turbine engine, which has found unique application in the Russian army. Thanks to a gas turbine power plant fighting machine, the T-80 could easily run even in conditions of low ambient temperature to -50 degrees, so it is suitable for placement in the Arctic region. In recent years, after continual enhancement of Russia’s military presence in the Arctic, the T-80 again attracted attention, and as a result released a new version of the T-80БВМ equipped with the GTD-1250 engine. This gas turbine with a capacity of 1,250 horsepower has excellent low-temperature starting characteristics. The tank also comes with a new gunner’s sight, new fire control system and advanced radio system.

Another “death machine”, which debuted on the military parade is a reactive system volley fire TOS-2. This is the upgraded version of the flamethrower system TOS-1, called “Lisochka”. The heiress TOS-1, TOS-1A was increased from 6 to 12 km range carried on Board projectiles caliber 220 mm and enhanced combat capability. However, when developing a new system, TOS-2, it was decided to abandon the chassis of T-72 tanks used by the TOS-1A, and replace it with a brand new chassis of truck Ural 6×6, to further improve mobility over rough terrain and rapid deployment. To date, open information about the new weapons is very limited, but it is reported that it was much improved from the point of view of automation, range and precision strike.

Noteworthy also demonstrated for the first time this year engineering the system for remote mining. This is the latest Russian design, which can carry 50 munitions for a short period to produce large-scale operation to mining. In addition, the combat machine is equipped with modular system for transporting and loading the launcher library, which allows fast reloading of ammunition.

New air defense systems presented to the public

The key point of the Victory Parade is also a demonstration of new air defense systems, which include anti-aircraft missile s-350 and Buk-M3, armoured vehicle-To-4386 “Typhoon-Navy,” self-propelled anti-aircraft gun “Derivation-defense” and anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Armour-CM”.

First the air defense system s-350 “Vityaz” was adopted by the Russian army on 27 February this year. It will gradually replace the existing anti-aircraft missile system s-300 and will further enhance the combat capability of air defense forces of Russia. The s-350 consists of two launchers, radar station with a phased antenna array on a truck chassis, and combat control. New anti-aircraft missile system of medium and short range has a maximum range of 60 km and a maximum height of shooting 30 km compared to the anti-aircraft missile systems s-300, s-350 has the capability of mixed-launch of several missiles, the number of missiles that armed the launcher is increased from 4 to 12. Thus, the system can realize a mixed loading and launching anti-aircraft missiles, medium-range and guided missiles short range, which is equipped with s-400 and “Buk-M1-2”.

Buk-M3 is the latest improved model anti-aircraft missile complex series of “Buk”. The most significant change is the replacement used in the initial system “Buk” exposed missiles on the missile launcher, which is very convenient for storage, maintenance and transport of missiles. The number of missiles has also increased to 6, which increased the combat effectiveness of the complex.

Armored car K-4386 “Typhoon-airborne” and derived from it the machine the air defense relate to the light field air defense with high maneuverability. On the roof of the APC K-4386 installed remote-controlled combat module, which is quite rare in such a light armored type. This module does not have a traditional tower basket, which reduces weight and saves space in the vehicle. The module is equipped with 30-mm gun 2A42 cannon, the same as infantry combat vehicles BMP-2, which can be used to attack helicopters flying at low altitude, and small unmanned aerial vehicles, and shooting at moving ground targets.

Self-propelled anti-aircraft missile artillery “Derivation-defense” is a unique air defence system. Existing installations have pieces of a calibre of 35 mm or 25 mm, while the new complex is equipped with the more powerful 57-mm gun. It is reported that the rate of fire this gun is 120 rounds per minute, the range is 6 km and the height of destruction — up to 4.5 km in addition, the complex can hit a hypersonic target with a maximum flight speed of 500 meters per second.

“Shell-SA” is a variant of anti-aircraft missile and gun complex, specially developed by Russia for use in the far North. In contrast to wheeled chassis used on the host system “Shell”, “Shell-SA” is based on the crawler Transporter DT-30ПМ to improve patency in extreme conditions. Anti-aircraft guns 2А38 located on either side of the radar tracking of targets used in the original version, was replaced by the three launchers of the missile container type, the number of missiles increased from 12 to 18.