How to stay forever young: TOP 10 simple tips monk

The desire to prolong as long as possible his youth occurs in every person’s life. In the era of new technology, to prolong beauty including difficult to choose something suitable for yourself.

But absolutely to refuse a variety of plastic and just buy the right habits, I’m sure the great master of martial arts and Shaolin monk Shifu Yan lei, transmit

  • Do not think too much. Thoughts take energy and make you older.
  • Do not say a lot. People either do or say. Better to be one of those who does.
  • If your work takes a long period of time, follow it for 40 minutes with 10 minute breaks. Long concentration of vision on one and the same negative impact to your eyes and internal organs.
  • When you are happy, control their own feelings. Loss of control will damage the lung energy (wind energy, or the vital wind).
  • Not to worry over trifles and to be angry. It damages the liver and intestines.
  • Do not allow yourself to overeat. Always try to stay a little hungry. Overeating harms the spleen and other organs.
  • Do not hurry about their business. Remember: you’re in a rush, that makes waste.
  • If you’re only doing exercise and not pay any attention to relaxation and stretching will become irritable and lose Yin energy, disrupting the balance of Yin and Yang.
  • However, if you are going to exercise and focus on rest, meditation, and Qigong, are at risk of losing Yang energy.
  • Kung fu gives you all kinds of energy. The goal of this workshop is to find the balance between your Yin and Yang. No matter how much time you spend on it. The main thing is to find what your body needs.
  • Some of these tips are difficult to realize in our lives. But despite this, most of the advice is relevant and can really help to improve health and find balance in your life. Therefore, attempts to observe them plus never will be.