Adolescent girls are more predisposed to depression than men – scientists

A teenager can be difficult. Hormonal surge, social pressure and expectations for many of them unaffordable. Stressful situations and constant anxiety increases the risk of depression in young people. Moreover, in girls it develops more rapidly, writes

In a recent American study published in the journal Pediatrics, recorded a big jump in the number of depression in girls over the past 6 years. Scientists link this fact with the growing dependence on social media in this age group.

Psychiatrist Ramin Mojtabai and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University) set out to find out if increased levels of depression among adolescents over the last decade. They analyzed Federal data in-depth interviews in the period from 2005 to 2014 and found that levels of depression significantly increased: about half a million teenagers, three quarters of whom are girls, could have this diagnosis.

“The results are the last link in the chain of scientific studies proving that women of all ages are more prone to depression than men,” says psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair.

Modern social networks and instant messengers (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) exacerbate this problem, increasing the dependence of women on public opinion.

Psychologist Steiner-Adair calls on schools to be proactive in the prevention of depression in adolescents. Meditation, in her opinion, is one of the most effective tools. Meditation Catherine Steiner-Adair offers directly into schoolwork.

“Children’s brain needs a break from “technology,” says Steiner-Adair, is to focus on themselves, listening skills and show the value of loneliness and help practitioners to forget again to check the phone.”

At the same time, Ramin Mojtabai warns parents, family doctors and teachers about how important it is not to miss any changes in the behavior of adolescents. Symptoms of depression can include sleep problems, appetite, attention.