Everything here is too gay?

Biographical ballet about Rudolf Nureyev. World famous ballet dancer. Homosexual icon. Premiere at the Bolshoi theatre. There.

Although Nureyev before his defection in 1961, danced on stage, the eternal rival Big — in the Kirov today — the Mariinsky theatre of Opera and ballet. The ballet is composed and delivered today by icon theatre and cinema Kirill Serebrennikov, who does not hide his homosexuality.

Bravely, I thought at first and was surprised to have that this premiere was generally stated. A large theatre close to the Kremlin, not only geographically, but Serebrennikov became famous not pink happy ends in the spirit of “Sleeping beauty”.

Now the Prime Minister abolished. Pieces of silver already dealt with repression. His apartment was searched, he was accused of embezzlement, questioned that those performances which were watched by thousands of spectators, were generally delivered.

Absurdistan Russia. Western theatrical unions and friends Serebrennikov, who also works in Berlin and Stuttgart, protested.

The Prime Minister will replace “don Quixote”

However, the Prime Minister remained at the site stated on July 11. “Nureyev”. Were invited representatives of the theatrical and ballet scenes from around the world. In the Bolshoi theatre the premiere of a rarity. Listed were only the conductor, no of participants or actors, and it is also quite became a tradition in the Russian age of the Internet.

And now there is, and also on subsequent dates without any explanation — old staging of “don Quixote”. On Friday cancelled the dress rehearsal of “Nureyev”, on Saturday was followed by the abolition of the play.

He is not quite ready, allegedly told deftly maneuvering between the camps of the General Director, Vladimir urin, who has not extended the contract with the artistic Director of the Bolshoi ballet Sergei Filin, who was attacked with sulfuric acid, which caused in the international media a lot of noise. And as for next season already all fixed, then supposedly recycled performances will be put on the early season 2018-2019.

Great Babylon? Was the name of a recently shown documentary on the air force theater showdown behind the scenes of the most prestigious red of the scene. While also friendly towards Putin Valery Gergiev as the head of the St. Petersburg Mariinsky theatre confidently holds its own theatre under control for decades, red square, everything goes awry — and not just on the stage of the theatre, the repair of which cost in the millions.

Perhaps it is this Prime Minister, with a new score by Ilya Demutsky and choreography by Yuri Posokhova is a kind of sign for the jaded Bolshoi theatre? Pieces of silver already showed here a ballet adaptation of “a hero of our time” by Mikhail Lermontov and staging of Rimsky-Korsakov “the Golden Cockerel”, which many argued, calling it a satire on the Kremlin.

The Grand Opera house caved in

There were some assumptions: perhaps Putin, so to speak, apparently still firmly against homosexuals, and the back and under the cover art still allows a little bit more? Although the repression of the government shortly before the premiere showed that it was the alarm bell.

It is obvious also in the Bolshoi theater, which is now caved in again. Even against one of the world famous figures of culture of Russia. Anyway. Doctrine above all else. And all SAG.

Including homosexuals, who is in the theater high positions. Therefore, it is possible to consider awesome already by the fact that “Nureyev” in this homophobic atmosphere even get to the dress rehearsal.