Ukraine will raise pensions: how new social standards will affect subsidies

Ukrainians in may of this year will index social standards. The minimum wage, which at the beginning of the year has doubled to 3,200 hryvnia, the increase this year will not be, but a living wage and the minimum pension will grow. So, at the moment, the Ukrainian pensioners receive no less than 1247 UAH, in may, pensions will raise up to 1312 hryvnia. A living wage will increase from 1544 until 1624 hryvnia. “Today” has found how the new Costandachi will affect subsidies.

As explained in the Ministry of social policy, to the end of the heating season, i.e., April 30, to count subsidies to Ukrainians will not. But after that, the discount will still count. When calculating subsidies in the social service determine mandatory payment for the family. Regardless of how many used resources (within social norms), will have to pay a fixed amount monthly. Income per family member share of the underlying factor of 2 and a living wage, the amount received multiplied by 15%.

For example, the total income of a family of four in 2016-m to year – 3200 UAH (two parents with minimum wage and two children). 800 hryvnia each. According to the above formula, you can calculate the amount of mandatory payment: 800 / 1544 / 2 * 15% = 3,8% of the total income, that is for communal family will give 121,6 hryvnia. Next year, after growth of the minimal salary, the same family with two minimum wages on four pay for communal 492,8 of the hryvnia, that is 371,2 hryvnia more.

As reported “Today” source in the Cabinet, due to the increase in the minimum wage will be able to save 5 billion budgetary hryvnias which had earlier planned to spend on subsidies. In addition, the officially unemployed Ukrainians in the calculation of grants take into account the income in the amount of two living wages. Before the first of may is 3088 hryvnia, and after may – 3248 hryvnia.

Subsidies were recalculated and given the “new” pensions. However, it should be noted that the grant awarded on the basis of the income for last year. In the next heating season, the Ukrainians will receive grants with the income for 2016.