The Alliance of France, Russia and Poland

The last week has shown that the compass of foreign policy of the Third Polish Republic, it was dangerous to oscillate under the influence of changeable outside influences and themselves, Polish politicians have painted themselves into a dead end. The full measure of their impotence demonstrates that when the EU (limp) reflects on the creation of a force outside of the NATO structures, Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Jarosław Kaczyński) that seeks to hide the Poland is under the nuclear umbrella of the United States, requires to strengthen the European Union and turn it into a nuclear power! Then he holds a meeting with Angela Merkel, where they are both talking about the revision of the Lisbon Treaty (which, in 2009, the Kaczynski brothers praised, calling great). Only Merkel wants to turn the Federal government into a monolithic, and the Chairman of “Law and Justice” (PiS) is to split the EU into a Federation of independent States!

A step away from war


The Treaty of Lisbon in this case, it was possible not to sign: then there continue to exist a Federation of States called the European community. But the deed is done, now you need to think about the future.


Let’s start with the international framework. The fundamental difference is that Barack Obama conducted verbal attacks against China and Russia, and Hillary Clinton gave the impression of a man who is willing to declare these States (plus Iran) war, using this financial and moral support of the European Union. There was a war between two socialist powers against the hated left-wing right-wing regimes in Moscow, Beijing and Tehran. In many Russian cities the population was urged to stock food, the same, however, although few people remember, did the leadership of Germany.


The American threat is, of course, forced these countries to put together. The interests of China and Russia differ, and their relationship even in that time was imbued with a strong distrust. I can confirm it myself: I have talked with politicians (albeit second tier) and in Beijing and Moscow, their position was very clear.


After winning the trump in Moscow, opened the champagne, because he had chosen the wise tactic guided by the principle: “the Enemies should quarrel, and not to engage in their unity”. Sharp attacks against China are accompanied by friendly gestures towards Russia, and this desorientiert the entire European Union. In addition, one of the most influential EU countries declared independence, became an ally of the United States and even began to threaten that will create an offshore zone! And it operates in is constantly raising the taxes of Europeans, like a red rag to a bull. Only they have no horns.


Under such circumstances, to talk about the European Union (which is not even their own army) is meaningless: its collapse — only a matter of time. Let us turn to the position of Poland.


Ignorance of the map of Europe


The policy of “Civic platform” (PO) were clearly Pro-German (some called it the “agent”) and anti-Russian. “Law and Justice”, as all the forces of the left, focusing on the leader of the Polish socialist party of józef Pilsudski, hates Russia, and at the same time, according to tradition, Germany. Such a policy is, of course, in 1939, brought Berlin and Moscow, and gave rise to the project “Northern stream” (which, however, is more threatening in political terms, Belarus and Ukraine than in Poland). As said Roman Dmowski (Dmowski, Roman), “there are poles who hate Russia is stronger than love Poland”. So you can say about many members of the “Law and Justice”, and not only them.


This policy was foolish and short-sighted. It was based on the EU — USA, but no one (in contrast to Viktor Orban!) did not bother to provide us with alternatives in case these unions will change. In addition, the foundations of this policy of lying… ignorance of the map of Europe.


Should make an important remark. The Polish opposition in the era of the NDP was based on the axiom of Jerzy Giedroyc (Jerzy Giedroyc), which is the most important thing for Poland — Ukraine’s independence. This independence was to change the whole geopolitics, flip all.


And she turned. Just look at the map: Russia is hostile to it in its nature state: Belarus and Ukraine. To clarify: hostile States as they seek to preserve the sovereignty, but a large part of the population of these countries huge investment would be willing to unite with Mother Russia. Therefore, the Third Polish Republic should, as I said initially, strongly support Alexander Lukashenko, after the introduction of democracy in this country will lead to its unification with Russia.


The situation has changed radically, and the Polish politicians continue to act as if everything remained the same! Russia does not put forward any territorial or other claims, however, they came from a neighbor — Ukraine.


I have no fears about Germany or modern Ukraine, but history teaches us that the Weimar Republic at some point was replaced by the Third Reich. Meanwhile, nationalist tendencies in Germany is now increasing. Ukraine may receive the state, relying on the concept of Stepan Bandera. Ukraine was always connected with Germany clientelistic connection. And Ukrainian nationalists demanding the return of their Holm, Lemko land and the land to the river San. While the GDR refuses to sign with Poland a peace Treaty. Ought to recall and to think: why did she refuse? Prompt: Japan refuses to sign a peace Treaty with Russia over the seizure of the Kuril Islands.


Alliance against neighbors


The collapse of the EU will supply Poland with its anti-Russian leadership in a hopeless situation. No illusions that this will not happen: the collapse of the EU has now become a hundred times more probable than recently seemed to be a surge of Russian-American friendship. One year ago (of course, except me) could have predicted it?


However, the solution is not outside, but within us. Only (unlike Viktor Orban!) we have not been able to conduct realistic policy. Gazeta Finansowa published an interview with marine Le Pen — the main contender for the presidency in France. Suggest to read it. Personally, I have it aroused genuine enthusiasm after the victory, Le Pen would mean a return to traditional French politics. (Let me remind you that France is now the only EU nuclear power.) This policy is based on the traditional distrust or even hatred of Germany, easy sympathy for Poland and friendship with Russia, which plays a much more important role than the delicate feelings of the poles. It has always been for the French dilemma.


Now she can disappear. Have the opportunity to create in Central Europe a stable system: the Alliance of France, which does not like Germany, Poland and Russia will help to block from both sides and the German and Ukrainian state!


Such a Union will be strong, because its Foundation will be a negative attitude to the neighbors. I dream about it since 1960, since then I started to think politically. And now there one of a kind chance to create such a Union and Poland (and everyone else) unique stability. Need “only” to get rid of redundant atavistic hatred of Russia… But whether it is capable of Polish political elites?


Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a politician, publicist, member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the party “Freedom”.