Poroshenko instructed to create a web portal of “Ukraine-NATO”

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the Decree “On Concept of improvement of public awareness about Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO for the period 2017-2020 years”, which must be provided by the functioning of the thematic web-portal “Ukraine – NATO”, and proposes the preparation and publication of textbooks and manuals on issues of Euro-Atlantic integration. This was reported by the press service of the President of Ukraine.

According to the Decree, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine within one month shall develop and approve the action plan for the implementation of the Concept for the current year and before December 15 of each year, the government must approve the plan of measures on realization of the Concept for next year. The government also had a coordination of activities Central and local Executive authorities on realization of tasks.

The report says that Ukraine is building new approaches to national security based on the long-term goal of joining the European system of collective security based on NATO. To this end, the state will integrate into the European political, economic, legal space with the purpose of obtaining membership in the European Union, as well as to deepen cooperation with NATO with the aim of achieving the criteria necessary for membership in this organization. We are talking about the further deepening of Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO in the implementation of deep democratic reforms, the use of the potential and practical assistance to States – members of NATO to increase defense capability of our state to counter the aggression of the Russian Federation, as well as in the field of security sector reform and defence and the military-industrial complex to NATO standards.

Approved by the head of state the concept is aimed at increasing the level of public support for the state policy in the sphere of Euro-Atlantic integration and the level of trust of Ukrainian citizens to NATO as the key institution in strengthening international security.

The implementation of the concept should provide quality information to the public on the issues of Euro-Atlantic integration, in particular by explaining the fundamentals, principles, policies and activities of NATO, the content and principles of cooperation of Ukraine with NATO, condition and perspectives of such cooperation, and the role of NATO in strengthening international stability and security. In particular, the ongoing briefings on relevant and current issues of cooperation with NATO, conferences, round tables, seminars, information events on the topic of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, days the Euro-Atlantic partnership and NATO.

Furthermore, it should be ensured the functioning of the thematic web-portal “Ukraine – NATO” and update the official websites of public authorities regarding state policy in the sphere of Euro-Atlantic integration. It is also proposed enhanced cooperation with the Network partnership Ukraine – NATO under the auspices of the Joint working group Ukraine – NATO on military reform, high-level and started celebrating annually on 9 July, the anniversary of the signing of the Charter on a distinctive partnership between Ukraine and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Concept also proposes the creation of television and radio programs explaining the state policy in the sphere of Euro-Atlantic integration, the preparation and publication of textbooks and teaching materials, analyses and other information products on the issues of Euro-Atlantic integration for secondary and higher education institutions, as well as thematic exercises, courses and seminars for their pupils and pupils, pupils, students of vocational educational institutions and students (cadets) of higher educational institutions.

The Concept implementation will be ensured by Central and local Executive authorities and other state bodies at the expense and within the budget allocations stipulated by the Central Executive authorities, other state authorities for the relevant year, and other sources not prohibited by the legislation. Its implementation can be attracted financial resources of domestic and international business organizations, foundations, non-governmental organizations.

The decree comes into force from the date of its publication.