Doctors called the horrific consequence of alcohol abuse

Long-term alcohol consumption in large amounts leads to premature aging of the arteries.

A study published in the American medical Journal of the American Heart Association, and briefly about it reports the American heart Association.

As scientists have found that large portions of alcohol (more than 112 grams of ethanol per week) associated with reduced elasticity of the arteries, which, consequently, prevents the blood flow in them.

In the long-term study involved 3869 people, of whom 73% were men. The doctors paid special attention to the health of those who consumed large portions of alcohol for more than 25 years.

It is noted that the condition of the arteries of the respondents were monitored once every four to five years through measurements of return time of the pulse wave. For a person with a fixed growth the higher the value of this parameter, the greater the elasticity of his blood vessels.

According to scientists, early aging of the arteries significantly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, especially due to the ongoing use of large quantities of alcohol. Scientists observed a connection primarily characteristic of men.