The Kremlin does not know how to approach the Trump: with a whip or stick

Sometimes experiences in the moment when your wish comes true, be a terrible experience. Especially if you, to use a football term, Ivan Gornik, went to meet these desires, because, as we all know, “of course nothing happens.” In this situation, now was the Kremlin strategists, who didn’t like President Barack Obama, who at Prague signed an agreement with Russia on nuclear disarmament, in the end, was a supporter of sanctions in response to the annexation of Crimea.


Therefore, Moscow could not wish to replace Obama in the White house came Hillary Clinton. How could Vladimir Putin to observe how the American election winner is a supporter of sanctions? How could a former KGB officer, trained to take “active measures” abroad, just to observe the elections in the country, which he believes is key in international relations? The information that Russian intelligence had disseminated the documents stolen from the computers of the electoral headquarters of the Democratic party and exposing Clinton as insufficiently rigorous presidential candidate, has yet to confirm the evidence. But all Clinton has complicated life, it was the Kremlin’s hand.


However, this story (there is only reliable evidence) is over the eighth of November last year, when trump was the winner of the presidential election. It was also the beginning of another story, which will give the answer to the question, how reasonable rates were the Russian leadership on Donald trump. During the election campaign, as it usually happens, he has promised all this and a lot. From all this, Vladimir Putin is most interested in, for example, the opinion of Donald trump as the 45th President of the United States about whether Crimea is Russia and whether sanctions imposed for its annexation, stupid.


After stating that the Crimea must be returned, in Moscow appeared dumbfounded. In the first few minutes it claimed that the press Secretary the White house should be seen in the context of pressure exerted Congress after the forced resignation of national security Advisor Mike Flynn. But this defensive line broke through the trump by making the entry in the “Twitter” that absolutely had nothing to do with the candidate, stated that the residents of Crimea chose Russia.


The Kremlin leadership, which advised not to respond sharply to the expulsion of more than 30 Russian diplomatic staff declared spies, and to wait for a new, more friendly President, faced a difficult choice: either to continue with watchful waiting in the hope of expected agreement where it could go not only about the annexation of the Crimea, or to respond to a sharp record of the trump in the “Twitter” in the same spirit. While in Moscow continue to cautiously wait, limited, for example, concise statements of the press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova that Russia “of its territory does not return”. The statement of the press Secretary Zakharova perfectly fits in the historical context. When in 1770, the Russian Empress Catherine the victory ended the first war for the Crimea, she argued that in any case is not going to take the Peninsula back under control. After 13 years, she has said that Crimea need to take to solve it acute internal problems. Evolution of opinions then and now are similar — the only difference is that Queen Catherine for obvious reasons could not speak, later President Putin, that Crimea returns to home port.


How will develop the Russian-American relations in the coming days will tell, the first formal contacts on the Ministerial level on German soil. If the relationship starts to deteriorate, as under George Bush and under Barack Obama, the Kremlin should think about the fact that recommended physicians in family consultations to their clients who got married and divorced, namely: the problem is not only the partner but also about who and how to build partnerships.


As President Vladimir Putin to behave with his new us counterpart, we are not yet known. You do not know in the Kremlin, you know on the streets of Moscow, where on Wednesday the Pro-Putin members of the radical National liberation movement (NOD) rallied in front of the state TV channel “Russia today”, known to the Western world as Russia Today, carrying banners “No to the cult of trump in our media”.