Canadian psychologist Liz Burbo explains in detail the reasons for excess weight

Everyone wants to be beautiful, and it just so happened that for many years public opinion shapes the idea that in order to be beautiful and to be loved you need to stick to a certain weight, certain standards and templates. This is one of the most useless and the most persistent beliefs in human society. However, from the point of view of the soul many people need (Yes, need) overweight. Why? For obese person it is an occasion to learn acceptance, without which the unconditional love of self is not possible.

Usually fat people – very lively, friendly, hospitable people with a beautiful smile, full of tenderness and charm. Why we can’t afford to Express my admiration for these qualities? This can help every one of us – to see these same qualities in ourselves and to accept ourselves for who we are!

To make your weight, can do here is unusual and a bit weird exercise: imagine that you’re going to die tomorrow morning: what significance does this case have a few pounds overweight? A true value for your soul is only how you take yourself. Your extra pounds in any case, return to dust, but the immortal will only have your soul, and it will take only how much you learned to love and accept yourself just the way you are!

Here are a few not obvious, the psychological causes of excess weight:

  • The tendency to take over any case, forgetting about their limits and their Delaiah, to do more than the person asking. These people gain weight, to become more solid and take on their shoulders even more
  • The desire to listen to other people’s needs more than their own. People often beyond their capabilities, and not even think to ask himself whether he wants to help in certain situations. They act so out of fear and guilt, repressing your desires
  • The inability to say “no.” Such people are so eager to give pleasure to others that they are simply unable to say “no”. They allow you to use a other people and, as a consequence, their uses, even their own weight
  • The unwillingness to accept when they offer something, they think they have no right to take it, they feel in debt and immediately tend to reward another person. The balance between “get” and “give” they have. This creates a vacuum that needs something to fill, and they fill it with unnecessary food.
  • The tendency to use your weight to take its place. The word “importance” is synonymous with “weight”. We often say “weight”, meaning “to give importance”. When a person does not feel important enough, it uses the weight to gain recognition, but does it unconsciously.

If any of these descriptions said you think! Because the extra weight is a great reason to know yourself, to open your mysterious side and turning to conscious life, to be her master, not to act on the machine, substituting different emotional wants and needs by consumption of extra food, which you absolutely don’t need.

In my seminars Liz in a simple and accessible form teaches the correct attitude to your body, helping to work through emotional trauma and run positive programs in my life. Changes will not keep itself waiting!

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