The French foreign Ministry was surprised by Lavrov’s Munich speech on “postzapadnoy” world

The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault in an interview with RFI, TV5 Monde and Le Monde newspaper commented on yesterday’s statement of his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov at a conference in Munich, during which the head of the Russian foreign Ministry urged to set “postzapadnoy” world order. According to Eero, the problem of the modern world are not Western values, and the deviation from them.

“I don’t think that the West and Western values is the cause of disasters in the modern world. The reason is rather a deviation from these values. But what is that value? It is generally Western values or universal?”, — asks the head of the French diplomacy.

“I am surprised that such a country as Russia is in this spirit. A country that has undergone great suffering during the Second world war, which had the most casualties and destruction. We always appreciate the Russian people and his courage. The USSR was an ally of the US, France, UK. But since then, have established a world order based on certain values. One of them is the universal Declaration of human rights. It is a Western text? We need to abandon it? If we refuse to do — which direction we go? We will return to nationalism, to military confrontation?”, — continued Jean-Marc Ayrault.

The French Minister stressed that in today’s “dangerous” world in which raised levels of nationalism and isolationism, is more important than ever “multi-polar world order based on values”.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry in the conference on security in Munich called on world leaders to make a choice in favour of a more equitable, he said, “postzapadnoy” a world order where each country will “strive to find a balance between its national interests and the national interests of the partners.”

Commenting on the threat of hacker attacks before the election, Jean-Marc Ayrault confirmed that France will not allow any state or organization to intervene in your election process.

Vneshnepoliticheskogo the head of the Ministry stressed that the attacks — “it’s not out of the realm of theory, but a really existing threat,” and France has the tools to challenge it. He noted in particular that the National security Agency information systems (ANSSI) in the course of the election campaign will provide consulting services to all candidates who so wish.

“We need to protect ourselves and address the message to all who can threaten: we will not allow that,” stressed Jean-Marc Ayrault. However, he did not name a specific state, which is based on the threat of hacker attacks.

As for the threat of interference in elections, there is Jean-Marc Ayrault appealed to the Russian authorities.

“Russia can make such an attempt (to interfere in presidential elections in France — RFI), to be elected he or she, who is more like Moscow. We can not tolerate this. Russia itself does not allow the slightest interference in its policy. And when one or the other candidate is a particular location of Moscow, I outright say it shocked me. I wonder what these candidates françois Fillon or marine Le Pen are not against Russia. It’s kind of pandering,” said the Minister.

The conflict in the East of Ukraine, Jean-Marc Ayrault said that “those who thought that the Minsk agreements “died” was wrong, because both parties — Russia and Ukraine — they are oriented and adopt the “Normandy format” negotiations”. The French Minister added that “Russia is in negotiations statements for the separatists, it involved in the conflict.” “Who started the conflict? Russia came to the aid of the separatists,” — said Jean-Marc Ayrault.