Qatar: “capricious” state and the dream of Empire

When the researcher is studying the political decisions of several great powers, he becomes bewildered and confused. What I want to achieve these countries, taking the tangled politics? Is it bad policy? Or is it a dream to expand their influence to the borders of the Empire on which the sun never sets?

A good example of such country is Qatar. After the white revolution of 1995, the country maintained a policy of undermining unity in the region and promotes regional divisions, using “disgusting”, coinciding with the Iranian policy to destabilize the situation in the region and the spread of terrorism. In its policy of Qatar supports extremism and has more than 20 years through the hidden intricate financial network is pumping millions of dollars to radical Syrian groups and Salafi militants across the globe. Such an approach would not be smooth and harmonious, and it does not coincide with the policy of the countries of the Persian Gulf, which is known for its thoughtful solutions, and respect for the sovereignty of countries.

In such a different political point of view the region is practiced political blackmail: for example, Iran is fueling religious and class conflicts, and supports global terrorism. In addition, it is fueling the civil war, harboring terrorist groups but also creates a favorable environment for expanding activities of such organizations as “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). On account of Iran’s long list of attempts to destabilize the situation and security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we must not forget about the assassination of Ambassador Adil al-Jubeir in Washington in 2011, which was attended by the government of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Iran used oil money to support terrorism and to convince Gaddafi to personally plan an assassination attempt on the Prince Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud. Such actions escalated from intimidation and bullying in a real, organized political crime: assassination of political symbol of one of the most important countries in the world.

In an effort to realize the desire of Iran and to complete the political project of Gaddafi on African development and to bring to life his dream to become a African king, Qatar “was a gift of destiny for the African continent”. Each of the 54 independent States in Africa, can be described as ignorant and retarded, and Qatar are systematically attempting to destabilize the region to create chaos. In addition, since the coup of 1995, he supports terrorism by providing assistance to organizations and individuals such as al —Qaradawi and others. Qatar wants to undermine stability and security of Saudi Arabia, attacking it in the media or by allowing certain individuals to have hidden plans against the Kingdom.

Qatar support the terrorist organizations is not a new phenomenon. In all places, which was discovered by the terrorism, we can find the resources of this state, the hands of Iran and adventures Gaddafi of Libya, that is, the former key players helping to Finance, train and support Muslim groups and organizations.

According to the report prepared by the organization for the defense of democracy FDD, monitors the activities of Qatar, the state is accused of undermining international security through funding and support of terrorism, and that the officials of the country promise to provide money and weapons to the winning party. In addition, Qatar turned a blind eye to all people, offering financial assistance to terrorist groups, who are accused of committing war crimes in Syria in cooperation with al-Qaeda. In the annual report 2015 to the fight against terrorism, the US state Department have been identified and named all terrorist groups, financed by Qatar, for example, “al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” or “Harakat al-Shabab” in Somalia.


© AFP 2017, Ashraf ShazlyЭмир of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani

Analyzing the policies of Qatar, similar to the model of the behavior of Iran, we can say that this is nothing more than instant prosperity due to temper national mentality, simple feelings, experienced player in world politics, pushed his pragmatic expansionist desire to control the world and expand its influence in the region. Qatar had this fantasy will grow into an Empire, following the example of Britain, with small territories, but which is still called the Empire on which the sun never set. I think he dreams that the Qatar will stand out as a “sample” compared to other Arab States, which he considers “political waste”. He gives the green light to all those unwanted organizations that practice terrorism, to destroy the unity in the Gulf and trigger conflicts in all the Arab countries.

Know whether the political leaders of Qatar that these “political waste” consider this small Emirate as oil bubble, struggling to his feet, but “flips”. Recently, Qatar using the media, namely the channel “al-Dzhazira” has presented a caricature of king Salman. For more than two decades, he tries to harm the Kingdom. It is impossible to tolerate the ongoing Qatar policy directed against Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region. He is the little neighbour of the Gulf, which chose a different path, in spite of everything what the world knows about the balanced and deliberate policy and diplomacy in the region, aimed at preserving the unity in the Persian Gulf.

His behavior Qatar was much like Libya and Iraq. Obviously, his main political ambition was the desire to obtain the far-reaching influence and control in the region, supporting terrorist organizations, and by putting the agenda of other countries. Or, perhaps, Qatar believes that the “fattening” of chaos will help him become the Empire on which the sun never sets. Or he is convinced that will dominate the middle East, and probably will continue to sponsor terrorism, something we have in advance, and congratulations.

Reaction and application of Saudi Arabia, whose patience is exhausted, lies in the fact that Qatar is crossing all boundaries and it is time to knock him down to the ground.

In these blessed days, Muslims are celebrating the Holy fasting month of Ramadan. We see that the Holy places are filled with followers of this religion around the world. They enjoy their safety and care, and Saudi Arabia sent all their forces to ensure that Muslims are able to feel the harmony and again to realize Islamic values that are never carried the idea of destruction and incitement of governments, as presented to our dear neighbors.