Russia will squeeze Christians in arms — deadly Der Spiegel Magazine says that Russia has launched a campaign of disinformation directed against stationed in Lithuania German soldiers: there were reports that the Bundeswehr soldiers raped a minor. Do you think starts the hybrid war?


Targalski Jerzy (Jerzy Targalski): I can only say that similar statements about the us occupation extends Giogoi brown (Grzegorz Braun) (Polish politician of the far-right-wing — approx. TRANS.) and a crowd of young naive idiots. One such person is Michal Marusyk (Michał Marusik) (MEP, member of the party “Congress of the new right” — approx. TRANS.), which speaks about the occupation and takes his political Association of those who agree with him.


– Do you think a new war will unfold with the help of action in cyberspace and campaigns to spread disinformation with no real clashes or she can quickly take the form of military aggression, while in Lithuania there will be little green men?


— No, why use a soldier, it’s too expensive and no results. Information warfare is cheaper and is more effective. Unit information war for the most part do not cost anything: it forces the free idiots, which nobody pays, but acting like you work for the money.


– Everybody had access to the media: they can write, to video blogs, to do Internet radio.

— Yes, they have social networks: Facebook, Twitter, various blogs, sites and so on. This is a group with specific views, which turned the Russian message, it receives it and distributes free on. If someone hates the EU, us, NATO, he will repeat the Russian nonsense. Hate it can test for a variety of reasons, for example, he can hate Ukrainians, being an anti-Semite, a former admirer of the United States, which is disappointed in them, and so on. The reasons may be different. This can be a fanatical Catholic, who believes that to blame “homosexuals”, which will save us Putin.


– But it from time to time delivers such signals, showing that he does not like the LGBT community, forcing Russian Jews, strengthening the Orthodox Church…


Yes, this message is addressed to the right circles, so he tries to portray Russia as the power which Christianity revives and protects traditional family values. Several years ago, Yenmak Lech (Lech Jęczmyk) (Polish translator and essayist, approx. lane) wrote about his hopes that Russia will save European Christianity. If someone is upset by what is happening in the West, but prefers not to think but to act under the influence of emotions, he is looking for some kind of lifeline and in the end it invents itself.


– But in Russia are millions of abortions. This alone disproves the myth of Christianity is favourable to Russia?


— It doesn’t hurt anyone. After all, these people are looking for a way out, and Putin shoved it under their nose.


But if you look on the other hand, the people who actually do not support the European Union and other European structures, there is not much choice on the political scene.


— It is, however, Russia will not give no salvation, no solutions. Russia is a comprehensive chaos and destabilization. But if someone definitely wants to find a wonderful salvation, it has a Russian message. It is evocative of the very naive people or those who are guided by emotions. People are normal, rational it can not be, because they see what the reality is. Under the influence only those who creates his own imaginary world.


There are many romantic, sensitive, sometimes naive people, who are not able to understand where the deception begins.

— Okay, but why are they also not touching the Russian victims of injustice, or the Russian mafia? Why they don’t notice it, but accept at face value all these inventions of Russia as the defender of traditional values? What traditional values? The majority of men in Russia due to alcoholism do not live to pension, and among women, alcoholism has become a mass phenomenon. It is a traditional value?


– About what is happening in Russia, they say rather little, and people who are looking for an antidote to European globalism takes place due to the lack of alternatives in the opposite direction, and to select there is nothing.


— Of course, communism was also a search for a miracle cure from all sorts of troubles and problems. Now, this tool appears to be Russia. But the miracle cure does not exist.


– The rumor that Bundeswehr soldiers raped the girl, who disbanded in Lithuania, aims to get people with slightly more right-wing views to decide if “NATO invaders” started the war with civilians?


— Before the Russians reported that the Ukrainians crucified a three year old child. Such false news, “fakes”, you can invent endlessly, indefinitely. I, too, can invent, that the Russians are killing and eating children.


– Messages about what they are eating dogs, has been. You think this is true?


— Hunger, why not. The Chinese also eat dogs. By the way, I’m afraid that some Koreans do not eat my cat.


– You have it so smooth and well maintained, that in your place I’d keep him in a safe cage.