The EU warned the Ukrainian authorities against attempts to curtail the powers of NABU

The powers of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine can not be reduced, and a solution must be found to unlock the cases, which is a long time in the courts. This was stated by the Chairman of the consultative EU mission Kestutis Lanchinskas.

“Look, NABOO, there is little more than a year, and they have already investigated about 300 cases, about 50 are already transferred in court. This means that a law enforcement Agency works, and we should let him develop. To cut its powers – is not serious,” said Lanchinskas.

According to him, the problem also lies in the fact that the cases investigated by the NAB and then transferred to the court and can’t be seen there for a long time.

“The court already has a case of the NABOO that almost half lie dormant – the court with them does nothing. And the international community sees this as a negative phenomenon. Ukrainian society also sees it – Yes, like, investigated, and sentences there. The logical conclusion must be the verdicts – guilty, guilty,” – he said.

Lanchinskas also stressed that pending the establishment of the anti-corruption court does not justify the delaying of cases.

“Until the judges choose, will be until all the procedures before they start working… So you need to decide how to unblock the process in the present system. And I believe that the Ukrainian side has every opportunity to solve the problem,” he said.

Earlier, Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that the NAB cannot win the war against corruption.

“The last document that we want to initiate is the cessation of the disputes on jurisdiction between the NEB and other law enforcement agencies,” – said Lutsenko.

“The country has so much crime that to give the exclusive rights to the fight against crime of the highest positions a small law enforcement Agency – effectively,” he said.