What is the posture during sleep makes us older than 15 years

How we look affects not only the correct way of life, refusal of Smoking, alcohol and healthy sleep. Each of us has habits that we don’t even notice, but, ultimately, affect the appearance. One of these is wrong posture to sleep, says “Home”.

Doctors really do not recommend people to sleep on my stomach. After all, you do not sleep face in the pillow and turn my head to the side, causing tense muscles of the neck and shoulders and worsens the blood supply of the brain. And this leads to the formation of bags under the eyes and facial swelling. It is best to sleep on your back or side, but from time to time to change position. If you sleep all the time on one side, the oval of your face will also change gradually.


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Also, make sure you choose the pillow. Your neck during sleep should be smooth and not perezhitoe. When the neck rests in the chest impair blood flow, which in turn will reflect on your appearance. Well, the neck, of course, also be wrinkles.

Changing posture for sleep and pillow, you can look 10-15 years younger.