What now earn the oligarchs in Ukraine

How to achieve this? First, to hold parliamentary elections under the new electoral law, when the power will come completely new people and new parties. Secondly, today the state apparatus is, by definition, is under the influence of the oligarchs, because officials have no decent wage, judges have no decent wage, law-enforcement agencies have. They pay local potentates. In addition, to reduce the number of officials twice.

In the judicial system are urgently needed to introduce anti-corruption tribunals and a hundred anti-corruption judges who will deal with the oligarchs, cleaning the same judicial system and government agencies.

What now earn the oligarchs in the Ukraine? Previously, the main source was the Russian gas, now this option disappeared. Remained state-owned enterprises and energy market.

Firtash, for example, never was the formal owner of the Odessa port plant (OPZ) or Sumyhimproma, but somehow it was he who introduced these state-owned companies into debt. Poroshenko was not a tycoon, chocolate tycoon won’t. Now, however, he became oligarch, having begun to use state power for their own enrichment. First, he was not in coal or gas, but now has gone to these sectors.

As for power, the Parliament is a bill that is brought there under pressure from the EU, which in principle solves the problem, offering to split the energy market in generation and distribution. For example, today Rinat Akhmetov’s all in one hand — and generation, and distribution. As soon as generating focus in one hand, distribution in others, and the mines in the third, there will be a competition and the power of the oligarchs will be reduced.

And, of course, it should be privatized state-owned enterprises. Krivorozhstal is a classic example of non-oligarchic privatization. The only in Ukraine enterprise which does not cry, that the overlap ways of Donbas they knock down. It is the only company that screams that they have problems that they need to subsidize. You should turn all of our state-owned enterprises in the Kryvorizhstal. And to get foreign investors. And then the oligarchs will not be able to get a windfall, then they will not be able to Fund media.

In Georgia, the local oligarchs did not have much, so we it easier. But we had Russian oligarchs, who in many was superior to all others.

In addition, Ukraine needs to reduce taxes. Why? Because today gets the VAT back, as a rule, only the oligarch. For example, the oligarchic agro eats all market participants, because only he gets a VAT refund. The government allocates money directly to farmers, but all of these funds is being spent on agricultural holdings. Since farmers pay taxes and the government distributes the collected agrarian oligarchs. The farmers beat regulation, they are terrorizing the local authority.

One more task — to reduce regulation. After all, how control the oligarchs? With the huge number of regulations for all market participants, which all must meet, in addition to the oligarchs. Or by exchange control, and customs barriers. So, we need to abolish exchange controls and customs barriers.