Great plan: girls expertly drove a large rat out of the apartment

The presence in the house mouse can catch anyone by surprise. This is not to mention, if the housing has got a huge rat.

In twitter there was a fun video, which shows an excellent plan for the expulsion of the rodent from the house.

Three girls took the correct positions on the way, where can run through a rat and armed with brooms. When a rodent ran out of the bathroom on the second floor, probably, even did not suspect that his masterful sweep of the house.

We came up with this ridiculous plan to get this rat out of our house and IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!! BYE BITCH

— Jody Mackin (@jodeball4REALZ) 17 Feb 2017.

At the end of the video the girls solemnly cried and got the video over 215 thousand likes and 120 thousand retweets.