Special services and psychics: Yeltsin closed by a special energy shield

Sharp, taboo has always in the trend of public and journalistic interest. One such topic is the application in practice of special services of nontraditional methods of work, cooperation of people with extraordinary abilities, such as psychics, sorcerers, and clairvoyants.

Despite the fact that the press service of the SBU said the “Today” exhaustively simply: “No! Such methods we have not used” we decided to listen to other opinions.
Our interlocutors were former and current employees of the security Service, the state security Department, intelligence, human rights defenders. To begin with — small digression.

YELTSIN COULD SELL THE KURIL ISLANDS. When the General staff of Russia for many years worked as a classified group of psychics, whose duties included ensuring the safety of Boris Yeltsin. There were scientists, healers, astrologers. The curator was… chief of the General staff General of the army Mikhail Moiseyev. The group was engaged in the collection, processing, analysis and accumulation of information, regardless of the degree of authenticity and confirmation, up to the most fantastic.

According to the testimony of the head of a group of General Savina, on the roof of the White House was installed the screen-blocker protecting the President of Russia from the negative effects of some harmful rays, allegedly sent to him from the Kremlin, whether from the American Embassy. This site has answered close to Alexander Korzhakov, the Deputy head of security service of the President of the General Rogozin. Parapsychologist Natalya Berestova claimed that in August 1991, the group generated a “special energy shield”. Task — effect on the course of events in the “need” for the Russian leadership the key. Thanks to the psychics, has stated in the President’s entourage, managed to prevent a number of attacks on Yeltsin, for all its virtues, is quite inspired and vulnerable psychologically, pobyvavshiy barabashek and other vermin.

General of the Federal security service of the Warriors told me that psychics have been able to avoid armed conflict with China after during the visit of Yeltsin in Tokyo he would give the Japanese two or three of the Kuril Islands. Supposedly it was canceled, which was conducted by a multi-pass operation.

Rogozin created in the FSO powerful information-analytical service of the best scientists, specialists of the Main intelligence Directorate, foreign intelligence, counterintelligence. Junuh, chumaka, Kashpirovsky rumor persistently linked with the secret services. Psychics were used in Chechnya, and other hot spots. Knowledgeable people claim that this whole state machine continues to operate.

The first President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin

What do we have?

“I KNOW, BUT NOT TALKING.” The leadership of the security Service, the Department of state guard, other agencies avoids specifics. Saying that it is too thin, sensitive part of their work, not intended for public discussion.

On a direct question whether the state (or outside state) of these structures specialists with psychic and other abilities, whose services is necessary to resort, followed by the response: “Yes or no”. Links to Russian and world experience of the security services called monosyllabic answers: “I don’t know about that”, “Maybe similar to the Russian units there, but their job is not advertised”, “No comment.”
One of the senior leaders of the SBU, who asked not to mention name, has put forward three tips to choose from: “First: we are closely monitoring everything that is happening in this respect in others, but not flaunt what you are doing, as this work marked “Secret” and people are connected by a subscription about nondisclosure. Second clue: legislative framework allows to do without the involvement of witches, magicians, psychics, therefore we don’t cooperate with them and do not confuse intelligence with television “battle of the psychics”. And third, much of what Russian media writes, are merely attempts to wishful thinking, greatly exaggerated the possibilities of the mysterious structures in the eyes of the townsfolk, who believe a priori in all that they throw up”.
Asking to lift the veil of mystery, we turned to the General Vasily Vakulenko, a veteran of the office of the state guard in the past — the head of the security service of Ukraine’s first President Leonid Kravchuk.

After my appointment we were frequent walkers from Moscow with proposals and then to create a special Department, which would include psychics, — said Vasily Fedorovich. One of them, Ukrainian by origin, I was ready to move to Kiev, to lead it and to take measures such as those, who were involved specialists of the security service of Yeltsin. Leonid Kravchuk, with which these proposals were discussed, reacted to him: “I psychics can make anybody talk. At this stage, such division is not necessary. At meetings of any negative influence neither feel nor fear it.” He rejected the idea…
Came back to it Kuchma, Yushchenko, other presidents, Vakulenko does not know exactly. But admits that a one-time treatment to psychics still was.

— A very well-known in the CIS astrologer during the presidential election campaign, visited Ukraine and offered their services to both teams and Kravchuk, and Kuchma, continues General. — What is interesting — predicting victory and that, and another. But put forward its own conditions… That is all dependent on the amount of words. Since then, I despair of the prophets…

Vakulenko confirmed that a special unit to ensure the safety of the first President of Russia, which included psychics, actively promoted the head of the security service Korzhakov.

He constantly escalate the situation around the fact that the life and health of Yeltsin, someone always in danger, this requires additional resources, additional staff, technical equipment, however, as it was for us when Yanukovych, who was also led to believe in a certain fate, adds Vasily Fedorovich.

Vitali Peter: “the Leaders of the “Brotherhood” had hypnosis”

Have seen a lot in his lifetime a Colonel of the security service of Ukraine Vitaliy Peter believes that psychics in the security services was, is and will be, as long as there are secret services.

— Intelligence, counter-intelligence officers of all times and people resorted to their services to hide the obvious stupid — says Vitaliy. — Before the Second world war were often used hypnosis, suggestion. Use these techniques now. Not palmistry, not guesswork, and the real hypnosis. Under the influence of which a person can recruit to take with him to sign on cooperation, to gain valuable information, and he will not even guess about it…

This practice is widely used by foreign intelligence services. However, Peter refused to speak about that, how common is it in Ukraine now.

— When-that for this purpose was created special departments, people who worked there were under the permanent control of the security services, some prepared for use in special, extreme conditions, and it spent a lot of money, he says.

— This work is designed for highly skilled professionals. I doubt that they are now in sight of our bodies and are involved in the cooperation. And sometimes they even contradict each other…

The Colonel gets us in the 1990s, when Ukraine turned a powerful religious sect “White Brotherhood”. One of the founders and leaders of Yuri Krivonogov, who called himself Waarom Swami, started mental influence on mass consciousness of people. After graduating from the Kharkov Institute of radio electronics on a speciality “the engineer-kibernetik”, he actually collaborated with the secret of the Nikolaev center of psychotronics and later led to the establishment of an indoor unit. According to some information, under the wing of the KGB, there were prepared the “antidote” from the development of CIA mind control. Then Krivonogov went Krishnas founded the Institute of soul “Atma”, later developed into the “Brotherhood.” His wife Marina Tsvigun, she’s Maria Devi Christos, also declared himself a deity. Together they stirred up a pseudo “Yusmalos”, which helped implement the skills of manipulation of consciousness. Krivonogova, recall, was sentenced to seven and Tsvigun — to four years imprisonment. Both had already served the sentence, Yuri from start to finish, the Marina early. Now they have other names — Yuriy Silvestrov and the Transfiguration of Victoria.

— Of course, both had unusual abilities of influence on mass consciousness, — says Peter. When Tsvigun was detained in the detention center of the SBU, and brought together more than 40 psychologists, psychiatrists, to whom she was to speak, already after a few minutes this meeting was canceled — so attendees felt bad… But for me hypnosis did not work, and they talked about this…
Interest in non-traditional methods of operational-search activities when he was Chairman of the KGB of the Union showed the future General Secretary of the CPSU Yuri Andropov.

— He these problems involved, deeply delved in her, supported development, — says the veteran of special services Alexander Khristenko. The same June, now deceased, and his career was grateful to the support of the Committee. But my personal attitude to this kind of specialists and cooperation with them was cautiously skeptical. Serious scientific research on the paranormal methods, the ESP is in the practice of the security services did not come across. Yes, and the results of the work of psychics, let’s be honest, you do not have procedure values. They will not disclose, will not tie to the operational-search activities to the criminal proceedings. To conduct an audit, you need someone to refer to. And then the psychic. This witness? No. The victim? Either. Who is he? In fact, people from the outside. And its data can be taken note of only when the search or the investigation stalled, no hard leads, and employees, having exhausted their own resources, resorting to such services as a last resort…

Our interlocutor admits that in his practice there have been several such cases.

In the investigation I had to participate and I would, of course, do not forget who and how helped to uncover the crime and brought the perpetrators, organizers, victims, — said Alexander Ivanov. — When missing one of the leaders of the already mentioned “White Brotherhood”, it is actively looking for, but he vanished. Decided to draw the seer, confidently pointed to the settlement, where, according to his version, he was hiding. Went there, searched the village along and across — empty… Another case involved a prominent politician — by the way, never found (my wife still believes he is alive). The psychic I contacted, said that the politician was killed, and called the place in the forest where prikopat body littered with branches… Checked out, and — too.

The third story concerned the laying of an explosive device along the route of the motorcade of Pavlo Lazarenko, then Prime Minister. One of the psychics came up with the hypothesis that the crime involved the owners of private boats on the river. And there’s hundreds of them… Some prompt action in connection with this assumption on his tip was conducted. Thought — you never know, what if? Only and they gave nothing.

But one day, studying the anonymous letter, threatening to derail a passenger train in Western Ukraine, the expert, which went the glory of a person with highly developed intuition, put forward the version that the authors of the letter were two. And I was right. Investigators went to the twin brothers, who hatched his plan.

Healer Djuna.


Eduard Bagirov, head of the International League for the rights of citizens of Ukraine:

— I have heard and read that Yeltsin had different phobias that localizability with psychics, staff worked with the administration of the President of the Russian Federation. Do not be surprised if the Ukrainian intelligence services also have phenomenal abilities with people. Those same psychics, shamans, healers, clairvoyants. Nothing wrong with that do not. It helped, not hindered.

When the KGB of the Union was management involved in the study and use of paranormal phenomena. There gathered a group of psychics, developed a special instrument for influencing the human psyche. I do not exclude that such group or groups exist in the Ukrainian security services today. In any case, between “Possible” and “Impossible” would choose the first option.

But using special equipment to influence the consciousness of man is the way of manipulation, control them in someone’s interests. For example, to get someone to make a decision that he should not take. Or on the contrary — suddenly to abandon justifiable, logical, predictable step. This is a serious topic. The task of the secret services to protect top officials from such threats…

Semyon Gluzman, Executive Secretary of the Association of psychiatrists of Ukraine:

— Attempts to penetrate the secrets of the brain were numerous, but especially remarkable achievements in this field is not marked neither we nor abroad. Would the results — they would know. Nothing is secret, that has been able to hide for long. To classify anything is possible. Personally, I do not believe that the practice of engaging the special services of psychics, people with some extraordinary abilities, there is, moreover, bears fruit… But the fact that with the filing of the Ministry of health almost anyone who called themselves psychic, can easily obtain a license to engage in private practice, are very concerned about…


Experts on the history of intelligence write that non-traditional techniques the KGB was interested immediately after 1917. At the OGPU, the Soviet Union was established a secret laboratory, where he developed drugs for the influence on the psyche of prisoners and of eliminating objectionable. Fortune tellers and witches were revered Stalin, and without messing, which in 1939 were brought to him Beriah, “father of Nations” has not taken any important decision.

The group of regular astrologers officially working in the Russian defense Ministry. Curator of parapsychological programs — GRU. The chief of the security service of the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Korzhakov, and personally dealt with issues of application of modern technologies to influence political leaders. His submission was developed several areas of work to combat and protect from attempts to influence protected persons. Kremlin psychics experimented with techniques like self-hypnosis, plunging into the past and directing our view to the future, anticipating the behavior of political opponents. Similar experiments were in the United States. The early Putin presidency was foretold two years before the election a military astrologer Buzunovym. His administration worked parapsychologist GRU Colonel Novikov, gravitated to the occult. Putin, by the way, predicted the end of the term in… 2016.

The number of cities where the Union is the largest closed centers for the study of mental influence on human consciousness, was and Kiev. In Russia there was (according to some, is now in the status of the special Department of the General staff) military unit composed of psychics, telepaths, mages. He commanded a part of which was used in the North Caucasus, the developer of the combat of parapsychology Savin. A former bodyguard of Gorbachev Fonarev said that people with unusual abilities have always been in control of the intelligence services.


Featuring modern astrologers have long turn-known politicians, MPs, pop stars, movie.

Several years ago, one of the leaders of the presidential Administration complained of feeling unwell, explaining the machinations of a political rival, in whose surroundings are spinning, the crowd of different fortune tellers, “broadcasters”, witches, says, “Today,” the representative of one of political forces K. — Say, the competitor (or the competitor) won’t take one step without their advice and guidance, using black magic, inducing damage, etc. Initially thought this passage nonsense. But the source surprised at my ignorance, saying that fortunetellers is drawn almost the entire Ukrainian political Beau Monde, and that such methods resorted to manipulation against opponents, affecting their consciousness.
In the district center near Kyiv has been practicing traditional healer. By appointment only go to him not only the residents of the nearby villages, but also parliamentarians, heads of security, law enforcement, major businessmen from the capital.

Not had the chance to meet people whose faces flashed on TV, shares with us the reader “Today,” Sergey B-Ko. — Come to tell them the right decision — to accept or refuse a proposal, make a deal or to postpone the signing of the contract, take a vacation or move.

To an astrologer Vlad Ross, according to him, representatives of the special services not addressed not once, but famous politicians — repeatedly.

— Names disclose will not, it’s case sensitive, but, believe me, is familiar with many of the Ukrainian establishment, — says Vlad. — What interests these people? Power, only power. How to advance to the power Olympus as it to resist, not to be mistaken… the Money that bothers them far less. But there are astrologers whose predictions come true, and there are those who are willing for a generous reward of prophesy anything to please…


In the past year, died a famous grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi. Four-time USSR champion, five-time European champion and contender for the chess crown. His duel with world chess championship match against Anatoly Karpov in 1978 was perhaps one of the most interesting and dramatic in sporting history, since not all game were the rules.

— Support group Karpov was a therapist by the name Suhar, — told the “Today” Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Anatoly Chuprikov, recently celebrated its 80th anniversary. He had a hypnosis. A few months before the fight he was offered cooperation to the competent authorities. Zohar agreed. His task was to provide psychological impact on the Indians, by the time emigrants from the USSR to Switzerland, and to increase the level of aggression Karpov, by nature and temperament a person’s soft, quiet…

According to Chuprikova, with the task Zohar managed. Sitting in the first row, for hours hypnotized Korchnoi and continued to do this at the end of the hall, when he felt something was going wrong and paying attention to the person who never took my eyes off him, demanded to transplant this viewer away.

With a minimal advantage chess champion crown went to Karpov. And what role was played by Zuhari, told a therapist when I was working in one of the core research institutes with Curriculum.

— He told about it to participants of a medical conference and did not hide his involvement in the fact that such intervention was not sports, — says Anatoly Pavlovich. — It seems that in part, he is even proud of it. Although proud, by and large, was nothing. It was some sort of mental doping. The whole Soviet propaganda and the work of the Committee members, of course, was aimed at the victory of Karpov. But at what cost, few people were interested…

Chuprikov notes that he and now interesting people with unusual abilities. But only those who use them for the benefit of others and tries to follow this rule.

— Can at a distance to influence the minds specially trained people? — he asks. Can. Whether in the practice of intelligence agencies this kind of specialists or is it chatter? Is there in their Arsenal of psycho – and neurolinguistics? Obviously. I have no proof. But it would be strange if this was neglected. In principle, the experts in this field should possess and hypnosis, and suggestion. In recruiting, for example. Only this is beyond my competence as a scientist.