Russian lawyer became a hermit and lives in a hobbit hole. Advises Finns to read “the Cherry orchard”

Yuri Alexeev respond to the message of “Vkontakte” as soon as he wakes up — around noon.

“Usually wakes me up Petro, but today he overslept,” writes Alexeev about your rabbit.

This couple I fell asleep, because Alekseev until late at night watched a theatrical production of “the Cherry orchard” by Anton Chekhov.

Virtual cultural life, he refused. Other important fruits of civilization he still left in the city.

The lawyer moved with his rabbit in a hobbit hole

Five years ago, life in a Moscow apartment and a job in a law office began to oppress Alekseeva.

The solution was found, and quite dramatically.

Alekseev made a small dugout approximately 106 kilometres North-East of Moscow. The dwelling is surrounded by forest, near the roadway. Rooftop solar panels are installed. From the generator to get enough electricity to charge your phone and tablet. The lawyer brings firewood from the forest.

The life of a hermit released from fear

Waking up, he kindles a fire and heat water for tea.

A return to a simple existence, according to Alekseeva, freed him from fear. A simple hermit, he said, is easier than urban life, full of competition. In the city people are afraid of losing everything he has achieved, and be left with nothing — for example, in the forest.

“I like things no longer frighten, because I already live in the woods.”

At the same time, Alekseev does not believe that the modest life changed him as a person.

“It is important that a person makes. (…) I do only what I consider interesting and useful.”

Sometimes to be alone, even not enough time, because Alekseev has become something of a local attraction. Guests and passing motorists brought food, fuel or books. Alekseeva more than 4,500 books, and he passes them on the principle of bookcrossing.

The state forest dweller is not interested

In addition to the cultural thirst Alekseeva second passion — politics. He supported Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his name written on cardboard, mounted in the snow. He also advertises Bulk online.

He can’t say about the state system of Russia nothing good and considers her “the infected tumor of corruption.” According to Alekseeva, the Bulk would represent a serious alternative to Vladimir Putin in the next presidential election, and therefore Bulk want to remove from the list of candidates. Recently, Navalny was again sentenced to five years for theft of property, that prevent him to participate in presidential elections.

“Enjoy your life”

Everyone dreams to get rid of the burden of society Alekseev gives only one piece of advice:

“Do it”.

The Finns, he gives a couple of instructions on how you can make their lives better.

“Read “the Cherry orchard”, get carried away with bookcrossing and enjoy your life!”