The main problem trump — Russia

The lie of the trump already backfires upon them, and the walls are closing in.

The more new information floats to the surface, the harder it becomes to deny that during the election campaign “associates” Donald trump was contacted by agents of Russian secret services or their intermediaries to coordinate the publication of data, which have a destructive impact on the campaign of Hillary Clinton. And it is not about the explanation in the spirit of Occam’s razor — the explanation for the strange network of connections between trump, members of his family and people, one way or another connected with Russia. We are talking about the nature of the FBI investigation, which was made the 45th President of the United States is unique in American history — a peculiar mix of dick Nixon and the Alger hissa (Alger Hiss).

This week, at a public hearing in Congress, FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) confirmed that his Agency is really conducting an investigation. He is the Director of the NSA reiterated and repeated several times stubborn Republican members of the house Committee on intelligence that the aim of Russia’s intervention in the presidential election of 2016 was to help Donald Trump, and not just to exercise in publishing fake news on Reddit, Facebook and 4Chan.

It is believed that the FBI is also conducting an investigation against four people who were associated with the campaign trump: that’s a long trump Advisor Roger stone (Roger Stone), the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul) (regarding his ongoing multiple investigations, including on charges of money laundering, associated with his dark deeds in Ukraine and Cyprus), as well as advisers trump national security issues, Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) and Carter page (Carter Page).

All of this is either a series of incredible coincidences, or these people represent a large enough evidence of a conspiracy, planned by a group of Americans who decided to cooperate with a hostile foreign regime to tip the scales in favor of their candidate. It is a kind of penetration into the Watergate with a modern twist, seasoned with what historian Douglas Brinkley (Douglas Brinkley) called “the taste of treason”.

Attempts by Donald trump to bring down the media confused at this scandal through the publication of many false tweets in which he talked about the alleged plan Obama for listening of trump Tower, has borne fruit this week. Many in the media trustingly jumped into the rabbit hole “did Obama or didn’t do”, and assistants trump in the House of representatives led by the Chairman of the intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes) intentionally obstructing members of the Committee, trying to divert the conversation to the theme of possible contacts associates trump with agents of Russia in the direction of threads of the pernicious influence of leaks. An interesting exception was Republican Ileana ROS Lehtinen (Ileana Ros Lehtinen). She is a staunch ally of John Ellis “Jeb” Bush (John Ellis “Jeb” Bush), former Governor of Florida and opponent of trump, who, according to some rumors, is associated with the person who purchased the collection of data for the file Christopher Steele (Christopher Steel). Father Jeb, who was a former President of the United States, also once was the head of the CIA.

At the end of this week, núñez even more complicated plot of “change of subject”, turning from the principal investigator of the White house in his messenger. This week he spoke to reporters, saying that he personally saw evidence that members of the transition team trump kept under observation. Núñez also said that, before speaking to the press, he went to the White house to share this information with the President — in other words, a potential target of an FBI investigation. However, adding a controversial new piece of information in a complicated story of “Relegate”, Nunez struck by their own authority and the authority of the Committee. A few days later he could not confirm his statement that he knew for certain that the intelligence community Obama led surveillance team members trump.

Despite the fact that Nunez was subjected yourself and your Committee interests to discredit the White house this trick has not produced any results.

Despite the desperate attempts of the White house to repudiate it, Manafort, which was not just a stranger or a mere “volunteer” trump owns the apartment on the 43rd floor of trump Tower, while in the immediate vicinity — in the physical and historical senses — from the trump. Manafort, which, according to Nunez agreed to testify before a house Committee for investigation and before his counterpart in the Senate, is more a sword dangling over the White house, and not a shield. If he was threatened a prison term for financial fraud, will he have any incentive to continue to defend trump and his cronies? I’m not a Prosecutor, but if I had them, Manafort would be the first person I would offer a deal. After him I would appeal to others rejected trump’s assistants, who also may soon come before the Congress: Carter Paige and Roger stone.

The white house found a convenient puppet in the person of Nunez, a former ordinary member of Congress who has inherited a farm in California that has suddenly grown to the Chairman of the Committee of the house of representatives for investigation, despite the complete lack of experience in gathering intelligence, enforcing the law and laws in General. However, despite all the noise, Nunez will not be able indefinitely to cover administration. It turns out the “secret information” this week may have contributed to the inevitable growth of attention to the Committee’s activities and, worse still, to the special Prosecutor. And most people, most likely involved in the conspiracy against Hillary Clinton, not part of the administration and therefore deprived of the privileges of the representatives of the Executive power. Their only potential protector, attorney General of Jefferson and Roman sessions (Jefferson Sessions) forced to withdraw from investigations due to its own lies about ties with Russia.

No matter how hard his team and his assistants in Congress are trying to change the subject, rush-gate remains a major problem of administration trump. This scandal deprives trump not only of his legitimacy, but also the moral authority that gives him the right to give orders to a Republican Congress, threaten them if they do not fulfill his will, and to persuade them to support his program. (As evidence can lead to a sharp curtailment of its attempts and attempts, Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan) to abolish the health care system of Obama and replace it with tax cuts for the rich and subsidies to insurance companies.) Trump quickly loses support of the electorate, except for the most diehard of his supporters who refuse to see him as a charlatan no matter what he says or does.

At the moment, Donald Trump should be worried for many reasons.

If Manafont or someone else of his abandoned supporters come out against trump, to save myself, and if a tiny trickle of revelations regarding the election campaign, suddenly turns into a veritable flood, “Rashahat” can put an end to his presidency and to force the leaders of the Republican party at least to threaten him with impeachment.

If the proponents’bannon decides to start a war against Paul Ryan because of the failure of health programs and Republicans on Capitol hill will decide to bet on stability and predictability of the President of Pensa, impeachment may not be a threat.

If voters trump will complain after the trump will stand on the side of Ryan and try to deprive them of health programs, the Republicans may pay a very high price in the elections of 2018, and perhaps even to lose full control in Congress that they do now.

Or — in the case of events in the most humiliating for the trump scenario — if the Russians decide that they were deceived and their puppet could no longer promote the interests of Moscow, we probably know the true meaning of the word “compromising,” because the Russian car that put trump for President, is able to use the leaks against him.