Blank passports “DNR” and free credits: in social networks, “found” all the nuances of Putin’s decree

After a lull, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has again drawn attention to himself – admitted the documents issued by the militants in the occupied territories of Donbass.

In its decision the master of the Kremlin has incurred the wrath of the Ukrainian side and the West’s criticism and provoked heated discussion.

While experts are trying to understand the purpose and consequences of Putin’s decree, social network users held their own “analysis” – Internet users with a humorous and ironic attitude to a Russian leader.

… DIY your passport DNI

— Andrii Olefirov (@AndriiOlefirov) 18 Feb 2017

The passport and the DNI is like a roll Obukhov, only photograph and print?

— Edmond Dantes™ (@deMonte_Cristo) 18 Feb 2017

Listen, so you cry because of the recognition of diplomas of the DNI and the LC, like diplomas of the Russian universities listed outside of Rome.

— Sarcastic news (@_U_R_I_c) 18 Feb 2017

Now in the Russian banks can draw their passport DNR to borrow the blender in Eldorado, an apartment in the mortgage and not pay safely…

— Joseph Levinson (@Osya_Levinson) 18 Feb 2017

Chechen Republic Of Ichkeria. Offer to Ukraine to accept passport this free country, which is occupied by Russia.

— Sergey Naumovich (@sergonaumovich) 18 Feb 2017

So, a driver’s license LDNR Russia is also recognized? Title number?

Honey, I invented a startup, he will make us billionaires

Combat purpura (@dm_e) 18 Feb 2017

– This is my car, its in Rostov, stole a year ago.
– Here is the log of REO the traffic police of the DNI. This is my car.

— Boiled Christian (@OVCIOM) 18 Feb 2017

it turns scho HW I Motorola moreover, that PECL, shte th without documents. Nє, well teperishni lain bude to hell, poterpite after the decree

— Andrii Olefirov (@AndriiOlefirov) 18 Feb 2017

LIGHTNING! Russia recognized the documents issued by the Interplanetary Confederation! Lilu Dallas Multi Pass!!!

— Foreign Rossi (@Fake_MIDRF) 18 Feb 2017

The network got the forms “certificates of Novorossii” which was officially recognized by Russia!

— Terrible Bendera (@Realuran) 18 Feb 2017

Recognized passport of Narnia and Gondor.

— Minang (@crimeapanda) 18 Feb 2017

– You recognize Russian tanks in the Donbass?
– We recognize the passports of DNR and LNR!
– Thank you for your positive response.

— Uncle Shu (@Shulz) 18 Feb 2017

Russia recognized passports LC and ДНР

— Lentic (@oldLentach) 18 Feb 2017

The passports of DNR and LC gives the FSB, something is not admit. What’s the difference, fool with the certificate or not?

— Pleischner (@Golovopop) 18 Feb 2017

Putin has allowed to recognize in Russia a passport and the DNI LC: shoved Donbass Ukraine 🙂 AHAHAHA Punch himself in the back. Right now, they would strike for pensions

— Dogg, Bobby (@mskndg) 18 Feb 2017

The officer with diarrhea in the absence of toilet paper temporarily recognized as such passports LDNR.

Gray Cardinal (@slevo4kin) 18 Feb 2017

Belarus has not recognized the self-proclaimed “DNR” and “LNR”. So now I have to put the border with Russia, in order not to let


— RB of a brain (@belamova) on February 18, 2017

The next Kidzania passport, Uzupis and LIH.

— Leonid Volkov (@leonidvolkov) 18 Feb 2017

– What do you get, mixed?
– Passport!
– Do not lie?
– I swear!
In the passport the word BOTTOM is misspelled?

— Sarcastic news (@_U_R_I_c) 18 Feb 2017

For all time of existence of DNR there were issued only two normal document – death certificate Givi and Motorola.

Corner cynic (@cynicarea) 18 Feb 2017

Russia recognized “the passports of DNR and LNR”.
Apparently Russian customs officers “told to death certificate confirming the identity 1-x individuals republics”.

— Faggot Koroviev (@Lucius_J_Brutus) 18 Feb 2017

– I decided, Professor, to recognize passports of the LC and the DNI.

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 18 Feb 2017

And convenient: take your passport, DNI, bravofly odd jobs — and a citizen of the LC.

— Knitted Tweeter (@twitted_knitter) 18 Feb 2017

The document proving the identity:

— Foreign Rossi (@Fake_MIDRF) 18 Feb 2017

Places for people with disabilities, pregnant women and passengers with passports DND

Petr Kuznetsov (@peterkuznetsov) 18 Feb 2017

As reported, Putin signed a decree on the recognition of “papers” so-called “DNR” and “LNR”.