Why you should not skip the routine examination at the ENT

American researchers believe that not all young people have impeccable hearing. And music is irrelevant. A recent experiment Center for control and prevention (CDC) in Atlanta showed that about a quarter of people aged 20-69 years who have never attended an otolaryngologist, really screwy. And in 24% of cases the problem appears because of the working conditions, writes likar.info.

The loud noise of sirens, lawn mowers, club parties, rock concerts, sporting events can lead to hearing loss. If you ignore the routine examination and did not seem to Laura at least once a year, over time the problem will worsen, and people will lose hearing permanently. But it all begins at an early age.

The study showed that 20% of Americans aged 20 years had lost the ability to capture quiet sounds. And a quarter of the participants were not even aware about it.

The CDC also notes that exacerbate the situation of depression, high blood pressure, heart disease.