Australia lost a dog, all his life protecting the penguins

In Australia died everyone’s favorite — dog Oddball (Oddball), to protect the penguins from foxes and other predators on the small island of Middle island off the coast of Victoria. Oddbal died on 16-m to year of life from old age, according to ABC.

The former owner of the dog Allan Marsh said that by human standards the dog was 105 years old. Oddball was the first participant in the pilot programme the local authorities to protect the penguins.

“The kid coped with its task at best,” recalls Marsh.

In 2016, the year about a unique dog even made a documentary.

The Australian says that instead of his late pet comes other dogs, however, it is unlikely the man will be able to bond with them as well as with Oddballs.<

#RIP Oddball, what an incredible #legacy you leave behind! #maremma #penguins #thankyou #oddball

— Wet Noses Mobile Vet (@WetnosesVet) February 15, 2017