Putin responded to the letter of the son of the arrested journalist Sushchenko

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed the information about the transmission in the Kremlin letter child arrested in Russia Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko.

“Indeed, it was given a letter written by a child, but it does not change the fact that accused Mr. Sushchenko. And this is connected with his activities directed against our country”, – said Peskov.

Earlier media reported that 9-year-old son Sushchenko wrote a letter to the President of Russia, asking him to contribute to her father’s return home.

Recall Sushchenko charged with espionage (article 276 of the criminal code), it denies the fault. According to Feigin, his client is accused of several counts of espionage.

The detention of Ukrainian journalist “in conducting espionage action” in Moscow, the FSB reported on 3 October 2016.

Protection Sushchenko is preparing a complaint for his arrest with the European court of human rights.

Press Secretary of the foreign Ministry Marian Betz said that the Roman Sushchenko has become a hostage to Russian aggression against Ukraine.