The most expensive hobby in the world

Where to meet a millionaire?

Many girls ask this question. The easiest way to find the answer – learn how the richest people in the world spend their free time. For that, you should learn about the popular hobby of millionaires.


It is believed that every self-respecting millionaire should be a yacht. And many rich people who know the value of money, prefer to control the process of maintenance of its vessel. So after spending several million dollars for a yacht, many are fond of sailing, yachting study the case and try yourself in the role of these captains. However, the millionaire and the millionaire that, even knowing how to operate the cruiser at any moment can shift this work on a team and relax on the deck in good company. By the way, the most expensive yacht in the world, worth $ 4.8 billion. Its owner is unknown Malaysian businessman.


What’s better than to be captain of a ship. To be captain of the airship! Why millionaires love aviation not less than yacht. To individual flying lessons from expert in their field and to complete the training, affirming his official certificate, which allows separate flights will cost 100 thousand dollars, no less. The overwhelming majority of millionaires have personal aircraft, but to fly they know not all. Such skills can boast of several dozen Hollywood stars such as Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Tom cruise. And the most avid Aviator of Hollywood – John Travolta. His fleet is five aircraft, and near the house there is a specially equipped all the rules of the runway.

Breeding horses

Noble aristocratic hobby that unites man with nature and regularly empties his pockets on a few hundred thousand dollars is the breeding of horses. The majority of people who have such passion, moves does not rescue animals, but greed and vanity. After all, grown in perfect conditions and trained with the best specialists of a horse at the races to bring a lot of money or, at least, the pride of its owner. Each claiming the victory the horse is worth to a million dollars. Some millionaires prefer to outbid Champions, while others grow their own. Among the famous people many horse lovers: Patrick Siasi, brad pitt, Madonna. However, all they prefer or prefer to admire the beauty of animals and nature walks, not to bet on the races.


The intellectual fascination in comparison with the above is the poker game. Hardly anyone of the people who have this hobby can get pleasure from regular losses. Therefore, the fascination with poker leads to serious mental stress and training. Although playing poker online, not all are content with sitting at the computer.

Regularly in many countries there are live poker tournaments for participation in which you still qualify. For this you need to register to increase your ranking, to defeat opponents and bet.

Now actively promote poker to the masses known athletes and players: Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd, Mayweather. But some of the popular actors of Hollywood already has nine years of career of the player. For example, actress Jennifer Tilly has long been able to exchange a career at a career at the poker table. In 2005 she beat 599 rivals in the game of no limit poker in World Series of Poker, and two months later won the women’s tournament World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tournament. On account of its more than two hundred thousand prize poker. She is the most successful of the Actresses in this hobby. Also a poker fond of Ben Affleck, Toby McGuire, James woods and Aaron Paul.


Another very popular hobby which can be put on a par with yachts. No millionaires, in which there would be no boats, nor any known or very valuable things with history, purchased at auction or from friends without any specific purpose. Collectors differ in areas: a lifetime of creating, by type of art, specific authors ‘ names. For example, Russian businessmen are the most valuable collection of Antiques – from Roman Abramovich. He collects contemporary painting and art, now its acquisition is estimated at one billion dollars. A record amount given for the work at auction – $ 179 million dollars for a painting by Pablo Picasso “the women of Algiers” at the auction in 2015.