Russian propaganda: Lenin’s slogans in the latest package

Went here recently for business in the passenger car, not a taxi, but the car in respectable institutions. Had to go through the whole capital, therefore, Willy-nilly, drawn into the conversation. In a very interesting conversation. Because honestly Ukrainian-speaking driver told us that the war with Russia is an invention of the oligarchs, damn bourgeoisie oppressing the masses, it was better not to withdraw from the Union, though there would be all out, but to stay together with Russia that the war should end as soon as possible that the Ukraine it is better to divide into several States, because it is an artificial entity, and never Kiev will not negotiate with Lviv and Odessa — Dnipro that we need a new Stalin — etc But the main, repeated many times in this conversation was: “It is time to end an unnecessary war!”.

So I’m in a concentrated form — and we drove for about forty minutes — I received another confirmation of the effectiveness of new (or new-old) tools of Kremlin propaganda. “Another one” — as some fragments sounded by the driver of ideas you can every day to hear on the buses or shops. “New-old” because we are talking about political technologies pioneered by Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin in 1917-18, which led to the collapse of sprouts of Russian democracy and the defeat of the Central Rada.

Well, in Moscow has drawn conclusions from the failure of the strategy spaces of the “Russian world” and creating a “new Russia” — just as the Bolsheviks shifted with the inclusion of all freedom-loving peoples destroyed in 1917 Empire back in the “great Russia” on the establishment of a formally independent Soviet republics and the construction of the “Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic” on the creation of a holistic SSR under its full control. The idea of “Slavic brotherhood” has great appeal to the Ukrainians, although it is only a modification of the idea of “Russian world”. Especially when she is in conjunction with other ideas. The Kremlin and Lubyanka pulled from their chests other, more effective tools, successfully tested a hundred years ago: “Peace for people”, “Bayonets in the earth,” “This is not our war”, “Down with the capitalist Ministers”, etc. Rest assured, you will soon reach up to the slogan “Fraternization” on the front, you can already hear rumblings that there’s, like, the same as we, Ukrainians, what we share, it’s all our government’s fault…

About Nadezhda Savchenko as the speaker barely updated Leninist slogans I wrote on the website of the “Day” (“we Need to end this war”, or Savchenko and Lenin”). And now I have to write in this context and about the famous singer Nina Matvienko. 11 Feb with “5 canal” in the “Rendezvous” she told me about how awful, when you shoot at home, because on the side of the front lines, Ukrainians, too, that they owe nothing to anybody… “They benefit from war — and America and Europe, and Russia… and it is up to our authorities. Them beneficial to the war, they profited from it. I don’t believe It’s not true, this is the game with the crest… While we are Ukrainians, while we hang the ears on all this, until then this war will continue. And our children there will die”. And then that insidious power puts the pickets before the concert Ani Lorak and other singers performing in Russia. They say, singers do not need to touch. Wants — let him go to sing in Russia, there are no boundaries, if in the area they’d better let them go. And lastly: “People wear shirts, but this is a game”.

There — and the artist-anarchist David Chichkan, whose exhibition was recently attacked. Well, it is not surprising, since the artist works in the genre of the poster, and this exhibition is the form and substance of the posters, with outright ideological-political content. What? Here are just some of the slogans, the implementation of which, according to Chichkan dreamed of in the square: “Mustache, and all, then I at once”, “Social revolution instead of national”, “to Vlad, bezvada all”, “No God, no pan, no Nations, no borders”, “6 hours, 4 dni TSE requirements trudov”, “Power — gate people, the gate of the country”, “Against Patriarchy, against kaptolska, against nazionalita…”. This is only one poster — the one that thwarted the attackers. On the other — Russians and Ukrainians are United by the swastikas of the national flags. Do not say anything, a true Leninist comrade Chichkan. Remember: on the eve of the October revolution, the unforgettable Lenin also fought against the state as such. And becoming the head of government of the rebels, a month and a half has created the Cheka… Let’s remember something else: allies and supporters of the Bolsheviks in the implementation of the revolution were left SRS and the anarchists; the infamous sailor zhelezniakov, who broke up the all-Russian Constituent Assembly was an ideological anarchist.

It remains to wait until someone nominates another Lenin’s slogan of those times, which helped the Bolsheviks to take power: “Rob the robbers!”. However, do not like the informative inscription on the poster Chichkan: “Mustache all, then I at once”?

Well, how many “peacekeepers” and “pacifists” has been calling for an end to “fratricidal war” on some TV channels and live broadcasts of radio stations of a certain kind, the readers of the “Day” once again to tell, I think not. And nobody says how to stop this war and what will happen to the country and the people, if the army will throw down their arms and go home or tell the enemy: “Let’s be friends!”. Again, a Leninist. A century ago, numerous “workers” newspaper (complimentary, by the way) worked on the money of the German General staff — the interests of the Bolsheviks in relation to the seizure of power and Imperial Germany concerning the withdrawal of Russia from the war coincided. Now have a similar picture — some claim their ambitions for money Russian KGB (even if they do through some “ideological left” in Western funds), someone just plays the role of the characters, which Lenin called “useful idiots”. Catches the eye that almost no one in Ukraine did not respond, especially there at the top. And would having so many highly paid analysts, isn’t it? Well, Lenin with his slogans of a century ago and underestimated the Russian right, and the Russian liberals and the Russian centre-left, and literally all Ukrainian politicians. However, we now have a heavy and tragic historical experience — and we know what “patterns” are used to mark their subversive actions, “the Kremlin’s secret police”, what textbooks they studied and what RAID they are exemplary models for inheritance.

However, whether taken into account the experience and whether the current government to develop an effective “political antidote”? There are serious reasons to doubt it. Because, it seems, for the government in the first place the interests of the oligarchs and their own pockets, but national interests are not even second – or third-rate. Therefore, in society and accumulate war weariness, which is not officially recognized by the war and mobilize the country to resist the aggressor. Impoverished people for the most part does not see “light at the end of the tunnel”, but the greasing of the “elite” sees clearly. Therefore, the updated Leninist slogans are falling on very fertile soil, and that after some time can put Ukraine on the brink of a national catastrophe. Indeed, in the reserve of the Kremlin and Lubyanka are another effective Lenin’s slogan “Turn the imperialist war (in our case, oligarchic) to a civil war.” Under specific circumstances it can work, especially if it is combined with the slogan “Rob the robbers!”…