30-pound American has gained weight thanks to Instagram

American Sammy Maine is 25, and weighed only 30 kilograms. The girl brought himself to ortoreksii – the overuse of a healthy diet. At the peak of the disease she lost her appetite completely excluded from the diet of whole food groups because of their perceived “harm”.

Realizing his mistake, a Brooklyn resident during the year were published in Instagram pictures of everything you eat, writes Daily Mail.

My #OOTD is a jumpsuit that might make @tamara_main very proud. #VSCOcam

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According to the newspaper, Sami led the account for over two and a half years and the last year was to post pictures regularly, twice a day. This has borne fruit – the girl was able to score 40-43 pounds.

Meowy Christmas! #vscocam : @koalateaparty, art styling: @eelaynahh

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“Pictures of my meals has changed: the food has become much more appetizing, and the portions are noticeably larger,” said Sammy.

Maine is also recognized that the thought “Instagram treatment” itself: this method was advised by the dietitian. Now, according to Maine, she again learned to trust food, yet remains true to the principles of proper nutrition.

Sushi night! Another Tokyo roll from @wholefoods with a miso ginger dipping sauce! #vscocam

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