How to help the body resist viruses and bacteria

A strong immune system – key to good health and well-being even in the coldest weather. Find out what you can do to your body was able to bravely resist the attack of viruses and bacteria, says Lisa.

Vitamin charging

It is known that the vitamins A, C, E, trace elements selenium, zinc, copper are a kind of fuel for immune cells. Active stimulators of immunity and are antioxidants. They protect every cell in our body from the negative effects of environment and internal environment. Also stop the oxidation processes and thus protect the body from disease. These substances rich in grains, legumes, fresh vegetables and fruit as well as vegetable oil.

More protein

The immune system is very sensitive to lack of protein in the diet, which happens, for example, those who are sitting on an incompetently drawn up diet. The fact that amino acids are the protein “building blocks”, of which “built” the immune cells. In the cold period of the year, 25 % of the diet should consist of protein (protein), and at every meal. Eggs, milk and milk products, lean meat, fish are sources of animal protein. For optimal effect on the body half of the protein should be of vegetable origin: leguminous, cereals, potatoes, soybeans.

Microflora balance

The gut – based immune system. If the microflora is broken, the whole body suffers. The reason is that the imbalance of good and bad bacteria causes the nutrients that come from food are not absorbed fully. Lack of vitamins and minerals entails a weakening of the immune system, metabolic disorders. As a result the person feels a constant weakness, fatigue, he frequently hurts. To avoid such problems will help the following measures:

consume more dairy products;

drink enough amount of mineral water without gas;

include in the diet foods rich in fiber.