What skills will be most in demand in the labour market in the near future

Today Ukrainians are not easy to find a job: from-for crisis employers enlarged the staff to save on wages. They attempt to bring their employees to polipropylenowe — that one post has combined the two, and preferably three or four. However, this is a global trend: professionals learn new skills to increase their value in the labour market. The translator now not enough to know only a foreign language, and welder — welding machine: we can offer the employer the ability to negotiate any knowledge of the project documentation. “Today” figured out the specialists of the job portals what is worth to learn in order to be listed on the labour market.


In manufacturing, there are still occupations where the primary is the availability of degree and experience. But began to appear a lot of occupations for which the employer is easier to train the employee from scratch than to re-educate. The problem with our market is that graduates come are trained “on the classics of the genre”, but in practice this set of competencies is not needed. “Not everywhere, of course, but in General the way it is, — confirms Tatyana Pashkina. — We were in the same company where he was asked how staff are selected. And we were told that in this industry the employer is almost always looking at the basis: it is unlikely that a job will fall people without a diploma. But once we accept the person, sculpt exactly what you need. Like made there phrase: from the wood carved Pinocchio, and stool — is in any way”.

COOK/WAITERS. Labour hands require even more work than before. Employers try to select including interchangeable frames. This story — with chefs, waiters, hostesses. “Employers tend to have, for example, five employees, a specialty which often sounds different, but in the list of competencies similar or identical duties — explain the recruiters. For example, if one “link” for any reason, leaves (sick, overloading staff, perform other assignments, etc.) — the wings must be another employee who would not say he can’t do something.” On this basis, the employers suggest even the cleaners rooms and dishwasher in summary, to specify information such as the readiness to perform functions that may be needed in the company. “For example, if the applicant comes a dishwasher in a cafe, will be a plus experience as a waiter, gardener, etc.” — said one of Kiev cafe.

COMPERSONAL. Even when it comes to the selection of domestic staff for private owners or service in a commercial company, the employer-the customer today wants to get everything at once — a real universal soldier. “Looking for not just a nanny, where you will be sitting with the kids, the homework, but the functions of housekeeper: Laundry, Ironing, cleaning, washing dishes — say on the job portals. — More employers are not averse to such a worker took over the cooking or at least lunch or dinner. And, of course, had a foreign language or even a few not-too-ordinary skill to do them with your child. And willing to pay a “nanny family” not all employers”.

ORDER IN THE YARD. The same multifunctional workers are looking for clean local area, and the chance to get such position at any an elderly pensioner small. “Was jobs where you need not just a janitor, which would contain clean area near the house, — says Tatyana Pashkina. — But also took on the responsibilities of the car and the operator of the floor cleaning machines (know how to deal with this technique), had the idea of the beautification of the area and the garden landscaping (trimming shrubs, planting flowers, watering them correctly)”.

DRIVERS. Drivers must not only be able to “spin the wheel” according to the rules, but be prepared to act as freight forwarders, couriers, participate in the loading/unloading of goods, not only to maintain and service your car, but, if anything, to be able to do minor, and sometimes serious auto repair. Advantage is knowledge of a foreign language. The same applies to job warehousemen, where they often have to work as porters, packers, etc.

FARMERS. Interesting “philosophy” and agricultural companies who are looking for salespeople in the agricultural sector — with a degree and knowledge in the field of agricultural Sciences. “Explain to employers that such a seller must know what he’s selling, why a particular product is designed to be able to competently answer customer questions regarding the processing, germination, planting, picking, etc. — explain the recruiters. Simple, the seller is usually not in the subject, or it must be pre-trained. And that employers are rarely as not willing to spend money and endure downtime”.


Private clinics have stated that they prefer specialists, who will combine multiple competencies. So, was jobs, where the clinic is seeking Board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who owns a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and necessarily operating. Often require dentists waiting rooms, whose duties will include the maintenance of a mixed outpatient appointment (therapy, orthopedics, surgery, kids). There are also vacancies of dentist, combining the orthodontist and podiatrist.

SALESPEOPLE. By the way, those who got a medical degree, but for some reason the clinic is not working, can pay attention to the “selling” of jobs (medical equipment, medicines and other things). “Here the advantage is the med school,” says head of distribution madavaram company in the Kharkiv region Tatiana mateeva.

NURSES. The nurses now also demands increased. “For some jobs, employers want to nurse more and combined duty nurses, massage therapist, specialist in hair removal, the Secretary/administrator and narrow nurses, such as nurse — assistant to the dentist.

VETMED. Try to empower and veterinary medicine specialists. “Due to the fact that the venture is small, the person holding the position of a veterinarian will combine their work with responsibilities as head of”. This information was in one of the recent jobs, told us on the portal. — Duties include the implementation of the system of veterinary-prophylactic measures for prevention of occupational diseases and deaths of animals, planning and implementation of weekly cycle (insemination, farrowing, vaccinating, sorting, distillation, etc.), supervision of the execution of the Zoological and veterinary rules in animal care, feeding, watering, disinfection and disinfestation and maintenance of required reports in the enterprise.” Then there’s a high chance to get a similar position at the vet, which overlooked the “crust” of the Secretary of structural separate unit”.

The combination. Dental assistant-massage therapist soon is no surprise.


Vacancies in the Central offices of banks are few, and the range is so narrow that they basically flow from the structure into the structure of the “by invitation”. But such workers as sales managers, financial services, tellers, consultants, call center and other, after leaving the market, many financial institutions are now thinking how to turn your knowledge and experience to be useful to different employers. “So many people go to call centers to financial companies engaged in lending, cashiers/appraisers in Lombard, etc.,” say the recruiters. There are financial institutions who try to follow the Western model and, by the standards of today’s realities, “getting fat”. “For example, we had jobs, hall Manager at Bank branches, or mitter-gritter, — says Tatyana Pashkina. — The duties of such staff positions include managing client flow in the office, initial contact and advice regarding banking products.” Thus, people of similar professions should develop communication and administrative skills.

LAWYERS. The highly specialized lawyers at companies are also increasingly popular as firms try to find a universal lawyer or someone who will combine several areas (associate-real estate and housing, family law, migration and citizenship, etc.). Also large employers to save, ready to receive legal support remotely.

JOURNALISTS. The most frequent requirement by employers for jobs editor/journalist — is the ability to write selling texts, a basic knowledge of SMM and foreign languages, as well as the ability to take pictures and work in photo editors.

TOURISM. In the industry of selling jobs and the various branches the most. “The sale trying to combine organizing and development activities and routes. For example, recently the jobs “bus stewardess” or “flight administrator”. In their responsibilities — control of passengers, escorting to the shops, tour and collect them back in the bus.


The personnel Department, or, as they like to call themselves, the HR Department also suffered changes. So, managers recruitment already in many places “condensed” to a HR-generalist. This specialty involves not only the standard selection, the search for candidates for open positions, conducting telephone interviews, personal interviews, compiling and reporting on the work of the leadership, but also team building, business coaching, coaching, etc. “duties was added the experience of organizing and conducting team building activities, implementation of systems to maintain a positive climate in the team, experience of development of training techniques and personal training, control of internal coaches, dismissal of competent staff and other functions,” says a content expert portal rabota.ua Tatyana Pashkina.

FOR THE MONEY. In the financial sector are also trying to combine positions. In particular, when the firm is looking for a head of Finance, chief accountant, accountant, economist, or auditor, this can often mean looking for five experts in one, as reported in the transfer of competencies to the position in the vacancy announcement. “Knowledge of 1C 8.2 / 8.3, MEDOC, CLIENT-BANK, Еxel, MS Office, experience in legal support of foreign economic activity (import/export), knowledge of all sites and accounting standards, labor and tax legislation of Ukraine, experience the passage of challenging checks, preparation of budgets and forecasting, coordination of audit and so forth, give an example recruiters description such vacancies. — This also is often added to the requirements that must be performed by the heads of departments (gathering project requirements, communication with departments, planning of objectives, definition of deadlines, allocation of tasks within the team and meeting deadlines, and control, etc.).”.

Generalist. Accepts people to work, organizing the study and conducting team building events.


Jobs in the labor market over the past few years acquired, except for special skills and lots of personal requirements: ability to learn and work in a team, to respond adequately to criticism, stress, learning, flexibility, etc. Thus, online job search sites transformirovalsya in search of opportunities for development and increasing its value.

GROWTH. Often, though unlikely to find a specialist that meets all the desired criteria, themselves forge their own personnel. This job is usually denoted by the phrase “career opportunity”. “When, for example, on the vacancy of the sales assistant comes a young marketer will accept it and “raise” for themselves, — says the head of the personnel Department of the Kiev firm specializing in the sale of fuels and lubricants, Alena Vinnik. — And if there is a vacancy “above grade” — is likely to look for staff members of existing.”

“FLYERS” IS JUSTIFIED. Eychary say that has changed and the vision of a specialist as an employee. Earlier personnel officers looked at employment records: if the person is changed for a short time many positions or specialties, such an applicant was considered unreliable. Today “finding yourself” is normal.

Labor. One entry no longer does the owner of honor.