The scientists said, what can prevent tinnitus

Experts say that tinnitus can appear both healthy and sick people. If this discomfort occurs in a relaxed atmosphere, most men and women a sense of anxiety and panic, writes “Orthodox”.

According to experts, tinnitus is caused by movement of blood through the small vessels of the inner ear. In the modern world people often have to face different kinds of ear diseases, more detailed information about the symptoms and methods of treatment, which can be found on the Internet. It often happens that pathologic tinnitus is common in people who have disorders of the mechanism of blood distribution in the auditory nerve.

It should be noted that tinnitus is a symptom, indicating the presence of the first stages of diseases of the organs of hearing. In some cases, this feeling may be a symptom of heart ailments. The appearance of noise in the ears due to several factors. They include vitamin deficiency, inflammatory processes in the auditory nerve, infection, thyroid disease, anemia, mercury poisoning, alcohol, lead or nicotine. According to experts, tinnitus may occur as a result of the movement of inflammatory particles and elements from the nasopharynx to the mucous membrane of the Eustachian tube. In this case, it pushes the eardrum, which leads to short-term deafness.

Power noise can increase simultaneously with a decrease in the quality of hearing. Unpleasant sensation in a strong psychological excitation or with fluctuating blood pressure. Prolonged physical activity and hormonal adjustment of the organism are also causes of tinnitus. Treatment of this condition is done with the help of various medicines. It can be anticonvulsants and antihistamines. In addition, experts often use hardware treatment or pneumomassage eardrum. Diagnosis of ear diseases is carried out by medical examination. The doctor collects the medical history, after which the patient passes a threshold audiometry. Early detection of the disease increases the patient’s chances for full recovery. The presence of chronic diseases of the organs of hearing leading to deafness.