The expert explained why Putin will not attach Donbas to Russia

The annexation of the occupied territories of Donbass Russia will worsen the international situation of Moscow, and the Russian President does not intend to take on the maintenance of these lands. This opinion was expressed in his blog on the “Explorer” expert of the Center for the study of Russia Alexander Samara.

According to him, Putin can’t afford another annexation in the territory of Ukraine.

“Annexation OGLO, legal “reunion” with him would have significantly worsened the position of Russia in the international arena, as well as worsened vnutrenneekonomicheskoe and social situation in it. Putin simply can’t afford it. Also, incidentally, like to take on the task of maintenance of the occupied territories, which today largely lies on Ukraine”, – wrote in Samara

He believes that at the moment the situation for the annexation of the Donbas is more severe than it was during the capture of the Crimea.

As recently stated by the leader of the so-called “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko, the main purpose of the unrecognized Republic is integration into the Russian Federation.

In turn, Russian political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin said that Russia will not join the self-proclaimed “DNR” and “LNR”, but will talk about it, especially in anticipation of the next presidential election.